Another hot night  

rm_jamesm19101 32M
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4/4/2006 10:14 am
Another hot night

The night is just like any other night. Until... I come home from class and walk into my room and there she is, lying on my bed naked watching a pornographic movie while playing with herself with her favorite toy. She knows how much that turns me on. She’s lying there with her legs spread wide open with her knees slightly bent and her toes curled. She squeezes her boob with one hand and plays with her clit with her other. She arches her back and looks at me while biting down on her lip and lets out a little moan. I don’t even waste my time. I just dive my head between her legs and help her out a bit. She gasps, and then slides her toy down her throat as I suck on her smooth shaven clit. She arches her back even more and clinches the covers. Her thighs are wrapped tightly around my head when she tells me “not yet.” She wants me to make her even more horny. I bring out the blindfold and have her lay on her back and relax. As she can’t see anything, I slowly slide my fingertips all over her body, but not touching the part she wants me to touch most. I make sure I slide my fingers close enough to make her want more. I begin kissing her neck and playing with her earlobes. I take my time kissing both sides of her neck and chin before I move down to her shoulders. I keep rubbing her legs as I kiss her all over her chest, and down her arm to the inside of her elbow, then back to her chest. She loves her breasts being played with so I make sure I don’t miss that area. I kiss all around her nipples and give them both a good hard squeeze. Then I slide my tongue between her breasts and slowly move it south to her naval. When I look at her pussy she is already dripping wet. I make sure I kiss her inner thighs to make her squirm a little. I then slide my tongue over her vaginal lips as I spread them apart so I can lick the inside of her. I move my mouth away from her for a moment, but still playing with her clit and fingering her, so I can place my cock just under her blindfold, right on her lips. She immediately knows what it is and opens her mouth wide. I tease her a bit by bouncing it on her tongue. She smiles and lets out a little giggle. Then she grabs my cock with one hand and starts sucking it really hard. I roll her over so she can suck my cock while I eat her out some more. She is getting so horny and she moans and moans while licking my cock and sucking my balls. I suck on her clit and play with her ass a little before sliding part of my finger in there. I give her the shocker by fingering both her holes as I lick her clit dry. She can’t take it anymore, so she turns her body around and finds my dick and sits down right on top of it. She lets out a scream, and as her body raises up I can see that she came all over my cock. Didn’t even take 3 seconds for it to be inside of her before she had an orgasm. She starts to ride me, rocking her hips back and forth. I squeeze her tits as she’s rocking, and then I hold onto her thighs as she starts screaming again. Another orgasm. She grabs my shoulders and rolls me on top of her, so I can do the work for a while. I tease her a bit by only sliding part of my cock inside of her. She arches her back again and tells me deeper. I slide just a little more in. “Deeper” she tells me. That’s when I thrust it all inside of her and her body locks up and she yells out “Harder, I want you to fuck me, and make me cum all over your cock.” She knows I love it when she talks dirty. We have the whole bed shaking now, and she’s getting loud now and has 2 more orgasms. I roll her over and start doing her doggy style. The sex is getting really rough now, and she wants me to go harder. I look down and I see her perfect ass and I rub it with my thumb while thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. I can’t take it anymore, I just have to fuck that ass. I take out my dick and slowly slide it into her ass. Her ass and pussy are so tight, they both feel so good. But then she squeezes her ass, and I can’t take anymore. I pull it out and explode all over her ass, and she loves it when I cum all over her. She reaches behind her and rubs my cum all over herself. She has this big smile on her face and asks if it was good for me. I tell her, oh yes. We begin making out, and we’re both satisfied.

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