The First Time(s)  

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1/15/2006 3:40 am

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The First Time(s)

This all started when I was 15. I hadn't got into girls yet... I was just too much of a loser in my own mind to know how to talk to girls, let alone even put the moves on any. But I wasn't interested in guys.

Except one. Now, it took a while to realize this of course... Since I was 13 I'd been into porn... hell since I was a kid I'd been into women. But as I got more into it I had to find new and exciting ways to see it, what I mean is when pictures weren't enough anymore I had to find videos.

So after a couple years of searching endlessly for worthwhile pictures, a good friend of mine told me that he had access to softcore porn on latenight cable channels. I didn't have that luxury (and believe me, at the time it was a luxury! softcore or not...) so I started sleeping over his house every single weekend for one reason: the porn.

Of course it was girls and guys and we were there for the tits and ass... but long story short, it became a habit... but something else was going on.

At first we'd just watch... couple hours of porn then go to bed. Then it dawned on us that we should be recording it... so we'd record it on VHS, I'd take a copy home and masturbate to it regularly, great deal. But then sometimes we'd just watch the tape in his room on nights that I wasn't sleeping over, weeknights, etc.

We'd just watch it, agree that it was awesome and that was that. I'd never even had bisexual thoughts, and I didn't think he had either. So months went by and we kept watching the porn... and we both were well aware that while we'd be watching, we'd both have massive erections under our boxer shorts... but whatever, that's normal.

So I started to just get more obsessed with this video porn... especially when he showed me his growing collection of hardcore internet-downloaded porn. We still enjoyed the softcore nights in his living room, but now it was all about the hardcore videos... and we couldn't resist jerking off to those.

So we'd watch a few, I'd pick one I liked then he'd leave the room while I masturbated, then I'd leave for him to do it.

So it made perfect sense that when a guy I know offered me tapes of hardcore I was totally all over the deal, bought a bunch, and now me and my friend would just pop those in the VCR on friday nights and watch hardcore porn for hours. Of course, we couldn't contain ourselves... and eventually we had to masturbate in the same room.

We'd sit on the same couch, watching the TV and wip out our cocks and masturbate. We'd finish up, clean up and go to bed, but paid no mind to eachother's business.

But then gears started to turn in my head... one night, the night that things really clicked for me we were watching porn in my room, I'd got a new video. We were watching it and my friend told me he didn't mind if I masturbated, he had no problem. So I did, in front of him and he just watched the video while I took care of it... but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about him being there, not doing it... and I watched him get horny watching the tape and something just felt better about it.

Things progressed nicely as we'd masturbate together I'd find myself more and more looking at him stroking his cock... I'd enjoy it so much when he came everywhere and it wasn't long before I wish I could be doing it to him.

So one night I saved up all my courage to make a move, believe me it took months to get the courage saved up, but eventually I did it. I touched him.

By now we were 16, of course, and we'd become great friends and spent all our time together. we were sitting right next to eachother... watching a hardcore video. It was late... dark... we both had our cocks out. He was fully erect and so was I and I watched him pull his cock out of his boxer shorts and start stroking it.

I knew this was the night to make a move... we'd stolen some of his dad's liquor and were a little tipsy, not something we did often, but tonight it was really easing my inhibitions... and obviously his too.

We'd never discussed it or anything... and why would we, we were both straight, girl-hunting (or so we wished) guys. So my leg was pressed up against his and he was playing with himself and I kinda let my hand fall on his leg. He didn't seem to notice... I dunno how much of it was him waiting to see what was gonna happen and how much of it was him not paying attention to me.

I started to kind of caress his leg and he moved away as if I was doing it on accident or something. But I kept at it and he kinda just let me... it was really awkward though. But something just sorta happened and there was just this transition from him kinda easing away from me to me sliding my hand to his cock.

I felt it. It was so hard. So soooo hard. Looked amazing.

He looked at me... I guess waiting to see what I'd do as if suddenly I'd say "well, nice cock... go back to your business" but I started to stroke it. I didn't really know what to do... I was a total virgin, but I figured hey, I know how to do it to myself...

So I started to pump and he returned his focus half to the TV and half at my hand, glancing at me occasionally. He started to get really excited as I pumped harder, gripping his cock pretty tight.

I was shivering... it was so... almost frightening. But I kept at it and it wasn't long before he came all over my hand. I cleaned up, we went to bed and that was the end of it.

Until the next weekend... then it was totally natural. We watched some porn together, and then he laid on his back and I jerked him off.

I never wanted him to touch me... I wanted to serve him. That's how it's always been... I guess I'm just very submissive.

It was about a month before I took the plunge and gave him a blowjob. I didn't really know what the hell I was doing I just sucked, licked, and pumped his cock with my hand. It would be a while before I ever took his load in my mouth too.

Until I later discovered that I love the stuff =)

So that went on for a long time, I'd sleep over his house on the weekends, sometimes just one night, sometimes two nights. We'd watch porn and I'd get on my knees and suck him off, swallow his load, wait a while then do it again. Sometimes I'd do it 3-4 times a night, it was just kind of like the thing to do, and most of the time I'd jerk myself off afterward. It was kinda weird, I guess he never tried to do it to me and I never asked, it was just kind of instinctual. Maybe he was just less bi than me?

Who knows, but he moved to another part of the country. So there was a long time when I didn't see him at all and things kind of progressed "naturally" from then on.

I dated girls, much like I'd always wanted to. We'd kiss and touch and I'd play with their tits. And eventually that progressed to oral sex, I'd go down on them, they'd go down on me. I like to do everything with a girl... no problem with them going down on me. With women I'm probably more dominant, but with men, the opposite.

Then about a year down the road I had the chance to go stay with him. We were both going on 18 now and had both had a few girlfriends and all that.

The first night I was there we didn't do anything... just kind of didn't discuss it. Then the next night it was all we could talk about.

Oh that's another thing, I'm not big on foreplay with guys either. I don't kiss, I don't touch and I definately don't do anything I do with women like cuddling afterward or whatever. I don't do relationships with guys, it's just for sex.

Totally Bi, I could never be gay... guys just don't work for me I'm not attracted to them, the only part of them I want is... well, you know. And I like it in the ass too, that kinda fuels my craving.

Which brings me to how I lost my uh... well anal virginity, I suppose you'd say. The third night we were there, I went down on him and I was soooo horny... rediculously horny.

I'd used a dildo many times... just to try it out ya know, and I found I liked it. I'd had a feeling that it was a nice sensation when I was like 14-15 but never explored it until years later.

So anyway, I'll get to the point - he fucked me. All that time before, it had been strictly oral. But now I knew what I wanted (besides to get down on my knees for him) and that was... well, to get down on my knees for him in another way. I'd never felt that way for any other guy though... weird.

So yeah basically he spent the week or so fucking me over and over, when I wasn't sucking his dick.

And then I went back home and that was that. I never did anything with him again, we just kind of grew out of it. Or maybe he just grew out of it and I found other people to do it with.

When I came to college I met a gay guy, who had a gay friend. One night I let them have their fun with me, which started a whole new thing. But that's another story.

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