Chat programs and the webcam  

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2/8/2006 5:42 pm

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Chat programs and the webcam

Alright, since i can speak fairly for a Mac and a Windows user, i know how the three major chat programs work, inside and out.
Superiority of one on one chat has to goto iChat/AIM. You have a simple way to avoid worrying about caps lock for a screen name, and you have a decent privacy behind you, as most of the spam stays inside chatrooms. Only drawbacks is the poor webcam service, and the lackluster voice features.
MSN is, by far, THE best video chat service for Windows systems. Its always fast, by far more reliable then AIM or YIM's video, only draw back is that MSN has ZERO chatrooms. The Mac version is totally terrible, only saving grace is the ability to archive conversations with friends.
MSN, if on a windows system, is the best thing to use for cam 2 cam conversations. It's automatically going to be fast, and it lags far far less then any other program i've used. I just hope that the Mac version later this year will have all the great features the current windows one has, maybe more.
The last, and by far, most mixed kitten of the bundle is Yahoo IM. It has video and audio chatroom capabilities, private chatrooms (as opposed to the far superior User chatrooms, which made it a great IM program, before the updates in 05') Unfortuneatly, Yahoo has a double tote for a Profile scheme, normal profiles, and Yahoo 360. 360, by far better, is about as unreliable then the normal Yahoo profiles, except that you'll get a better sucessful page load more often then the normal profile pages, only problem is that you have to usually be a friend of the individual to view anything worthwhile, or else the page will not show up like it should.
Chat, while far easier to access into the chatrooms, is a pandora's box. Usually filled with spammers, and fake users advertising for porn sites or scam sites, rooms are often crowded and overrated. The chat feature (Windows only at the current time) is now limited to only Yahoo created rooms, and not Yahoo AND user rooms. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps that gig of space they gave all members for the Yahoo Mail feature came with a price to pay for people who use other features. Yahoo has a nice p2p audio chat feature, and boasts an impressive stability for it, Yahoo standards. In most cases, Yahoo is unstable, even with a top of the line PC (such as mine). It's almost totally useless for a mac user, except that it is the ONLY chat program outside iChat that supports video, however, unline iChat, Yahoo's video feed is more reliable then iChat's. Also, you dont have to have video to see a video feed from someone's webcam. All you need is the newest version of Yahoo, and OSX 10.4+. Anyways, the most annoying thing with Yahoo is the chatrooms. While they have the ability to not only ignore a user, but also report them as spam, Yahoo is notorious for hardly doing a thing. I was once reported for abuse (because people have short tempers, and generally have the capacity for conversation equal to that of a 5 year old on chatrooms), but Yahoo did nothing, not even sending a message to me to let me know i had been reported. Despite Yahoo being terrible as user support, Yahoo's chat rooms are plagued by bad users. Users who are there just to promote a website, or just enjoy acting like little immature brats, ect. Ususally, unless you goto a fairly empty room, most people in the room, about 98%, are people you'd probably be better off avoiding. Yahoo IM is only good if you're very bored, and enjoy seeing a display of stupidity. One thing i caution as a word of advice, never use the "Romance" rooms. they are littered with useless jargen. Nothing useful ever comes from them, other then a good exersize of the Ignore button. Best to stick to regular, casual conversation on Yahoo chatrooms.

Anyways, i figured i'd just post all that up, since i feel all critique-ish right now...but oddly, i'm also fairly horny right now. i'd masturbate again, but that'll be the 8th time in 2 days. gotta let myself recharge, or it'll just be not worth it.

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