For the Shame!!  

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5/3/2006 1:56 am

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For the Shame!!

Many times I have found myself in situations where people would question my lifestyle because I chose not to live theirs.
In a sense this is possibly a normal course of human nature as we may instinctively recoil from what we do not initially understand. Sex, for instance.
For a common physical act performed by everyone I know breathing, sex seems to be a boone for many. Public displays of affection between consenting adults are belittled as leud behavior.
References to the act of sex, in good taste or otherwise can land you with dirty looks to outright avoidance. God forbid that anyone disrobe in the public eye because once they get done ogling you they will ostracize you for being an exhibitionist or a heathen.
Although aggravated by these things when they happened to me I found some humor in it because these same people lay down at night with another man or woman in the same fashion and may be even freakier than I would have been. Closed doors are a great argument for discretion until it comes out that the antagonist video tapes their romps as well as displays them to others.
Since I have been on the receiving end of the prior comments I had become thick skinned and unaffected by the comments of others although it took me long enough to do so. It took me a year and a half before I could see where the other person was coming from. Social acceptance becomes a factor in these issues but for the most part an open mind is what dictates the outcome of how we view the actions of others.
There are limits to what should be done in public, such as acts wild sexual activities before the eyes of children or public deification. But sincere displays of affection or simply kissing is normal.

From this little stray thought I would like to see what actions would cause you to bring out the shame stick to swing at lovey dovey couples.
Let it loose and let me hear what strikes your fancy on this note. Just remember the walls are not flame retardant so if it gets too heated the house will just have to burn.

MysteryDreamer 57F

5/3/2006 2:55 am

Only thing I can say is, I hate to be at a red light and you see a couple kissing, the light turns green, and they are still sitting there kissing. I dont honk, I am all for lovey dovey couples, I just hate waiting at the light again, lol. Of course, it doesnt last long cause someone else is honking the horn!!
Hugs and kisses

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