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Jack's Fantasy

It is hard to distinguish fantasy from reality at times. What dreams may come from running towards the fantasy world? Who knows, but it sure is nice to follow your heart toward fantasies ever attempting to make them into a reality. I guess that in that sense, dreams and fantasies are the same thing and the terms are interchangeable. From reading various blogs on this website, I have learned that many see them as two very different things.

They see fantasies as places of lustful thoughts and taboo activities. Whether it be trying to cheat on another, exploring a fetish, or even exploring an alternative lifestyle. In this respect, I guess that this website can be called somewhat of a fantasy land for those looking to explore their sexuality or bask in the rays of eroticism.

In this thought, I thought that I would share one of my own fantasies that is also a little taboo. It involves meeting an exotic woman who enchants me with her very being. I am drawn to everything about her....her smell, her hair, her smile, and oh God those eyes! I approach her as she seductively smokes a cigarette searching for someone to spend some time with. I enter with a very bad pickup line, but she laughs just the same as she takes my hand and leads me into a secluded booth in the busy bar, that for some reason is empty. She wastes no time sitting me in the corner and sitting on my lap while ordering me what would be my last drink from the bar keep. I am enamored in what is happening to me so I am under her mystical spell, and allow her to slowly rub on my package.

After the bar keep delivered my drink and left, I noticed something damp. It was then that I realized that this exotic woman was not wearing underwear underneath her flowing dress that was now hiked up it the back. My pulse raced as I just realized that she had undone my pants and was working my member out into the open in this packed bar room. She kissed at my neck in reassurance and continued as if we were the only two in the whole room. I almost lost it when she exposed, albeit under the table and hidden by her dress, to the room.

It seemed as though she was planning her next move to the music that filled the room as she teased at inserting me between lustful kisses. I was in a state of shock, but could not stop myself from desiring to become one with this amazing woman. Just then, the song must have hit because she bottomed out in my lap with a loud cry and started to act as though she was dancing with me in the chair. The reality was that we were having wild sex in the corner of a very popular and busy bar. All of my reservations about right and wrong left the window as pure ecstasy took me. I am not sure how long this tango continued but I unloaded like a shotgun inside her as we both hit orgasm at the same time. Her body then went lay back against mine on the bench. I kissed her passionately and caressed her beautiful face.

Then, she slowly got off of me and fixed her dress. I seemed to be in a state of total bliss and frozen in time. She leaned over, kissed me, and said 'thank you for the wonderful dance.', and walked away. I was about to run after her when I realized that my pants were still undone and there was a card in my damp shirt pocket. It was her name, number and address. I quickly looked up to see her smiling back at me as she left the bar. Now came the harder question, 'Am I experiencing love or a thirst for lust that she has given me through straight fantasy?'

That is where my story ends today. I see the difference between dreams and fantasies in a small but defined light. A fantasy is something imaginative about an event that is usually unrealistic, or not probable in nature. A dream, on the other hand, is a a series of thoughts that mark a release from reality, but contains some ideal standard. Both are visionary contexts that can engulf our imaginations into feelings that ultimately shape our perceptions of the world around us. Hence, the term daydreaming.

Anyhow, I digress. This website seems to be a safe haven for dreams and fantasies alike. I am glad to have met and read about the various fantasies and rants that others have. It allows me to see that we are not different at all and brings us closer together through the strides we are taking to understand one another. If anyone else has a comment to share on this topic, I am all ears and will answer as quickly as possible.

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