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9/8/2006 8:55 am

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[I]Hey again A/all,

This one just has a simple blog to go at today *S* honest.... girl was thinking back to when she first joined the AdultFriendFinder Basement back in 98... this one already had a few years experience under her belt in the lifestyle by then but still had a hundred questions to every answer, girl used to drive the other subs and Dom/mes crazy with her constant questions (has found other ways to drive them crazy now but thats another story).

Once she even had a Dom threaten to gag her for 5 minutes peace and quiet *lol* ... so with all the new ones entering the Basement recently that have no experience in the lifestyle one would think the place would be question central most of the time.... Well its not.. half the time when a topic comes up some leave, some posted *bored* or stupid sleeping smileys and the remainder join in with enthusiasm.

This ones questions are simply ... Is the art of asking questions dead? .... why does no one ask questions for things they want to know the answers to?

This has been bothering girl for some time... why pretend to know the answer to something you obviously know nothing about... just ask.. no one will think any less of you.. most of go there to help pass out knowledge on and to learn things.... this one freely admits that she still asks questions about things in the lifestyle ... girl was asking about blood play just the other day. *shrugs*

Come on boys and girls ... without questions there can be no answers... if you want to know just ask *S*

rm_Melciber 61M
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9/9/2006 3:46 pm

jacina . . . you ask "Is the art of asking questions dead? .... why does no one ask questions for things they want to know the answers to?"

Maybe we are all too good at googling for an answer.
(Google doesn愒 want us to use that verb . . . but too bad!!)
Maybe its easier to tell someone to go to URL
than to give a real, considered answer - which can turn off the font of enquiry.

I don愒 think questioning is dead
. . . I think the format of the Basement has changed some.
It isn愒 as formal as in former days maybe.
I still see some ask - - - BD is a great example - up front.

Some days I would like a more topic driven room.
Some times I try and get one up and running
. . . but I consider myself a poor protagonist.
I love to listen to a thumping good debate as many unasked questions are answered in the process
. . . sometimes questions that never existed brfore the answer arrived.

And I love to see you drive a Dom/me crazy

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9/12/2006 11:12 am


have i been falling behind on my question quota lately? *wink*


lily_of_hmslf_ 45F

9/13/2006 10:52 am

i dont think that the art of questioning is dead - just lying in a fear-induced coma!

hmslf and i try to be there for people who are new to the lifestyle (or not-so-new), and have questions. if we dont have the answer, we try to point them toward someone who does, or perhaps some sort of reading material or local group. as i am fond of saying,


i sincerely hope that people with questions will continue to ask, and that those with the knowledge to help will do so - clearly and without condemnation. i would also hope that people would find the courage to bring up topics that interest them - if not for information (though info already known by some is always new to others), then for a fresh opinion...a fresh look at the subject.

jacina...*round of applause*...keep blogging, sis! you have made me think more in one week than i had in the last month, and i LOVE IT!


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