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8/28/2005 10:50 am

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This is a rant, about a lot of things some might want to fight me about. I'm entitled to my opinions, and so are you. Don't get pissed off and try to yell at me because I don't agree with your views, because it won't change anything. These are just my thoughts, perhaps haphazardly thrown together. I'm probably going to sound like a complete asshole, so you've been warned!

My brain has been working me over today. It does that to me sometimes, and I have to get it out, otherwise I explode. Finding my ears last time was difficult, cause they fly real good. lol

Talking to my Uncle Dennis gets me thinking. About all kinds of things. He's a really smart man and I admire his intelligence. We got talking about politics and the price of oil and so forth, and that is what started this whole thing.

First off, I think Bush is an asshat. What does this world need more than MORE FUCKING WAR? LESS WAR. I don't agree with going around policing other countries. Maybe my view on things are a tad too narrow, but this is what I think. I think, that unless one of our allies is in trouble, or something world-threatening like a country producing nuclear weapons with ill intent, we should just step back. Iraq is a fucking mess. If a country wants to tear itself apart from the inside out, let them! Why should we try to fix someone else’s problems that they are causing themselves when we CAN'T EVEN SOLVE OUR OWN DAMN PROBLEMS? How many Americans have died because of this little war? How many civilian Iraqi casualties? We've got people dying on both sides, and I don't agree with it. I'm no tree-hugging hippy by any means, but I think we should focus our energy, attention, and money here at HOME than on countries engaged in civil wars or border disputes. Yes, this was all tagged on "The War On Terrorism", and yes, 9-11 was an atrocity. If we want to keep something like that from happening, the best way to do it is NOT to invade another country and start acting like assholes with guns. I realize there are a lot of reasons this came about, oil being one of them. Fuck. Fighting over natural resources. Oil is going to disappear within the next century, but fighting over it isn't going to improve anything. One thing that worries me, is although Bush won't be able to run for President again, he WILL be able to appoint his potential successor. And what that means is, he is going to select someone who agrees with him on his policies, procedures, and ideals. Whoever he picks is going to be a lot like him. So, watch out.

About oil, supposedly Bush is pushing for Hydrogen technologies. I will admit, that pushing for any alternative to a LIMITED resource is a good thing. There's a problem with hydrogen though. Oil is formed naturally. The energy it can produce is already in it. It takes less energy to get the energy OUT of oil, than it does with hydrogen. Hydrogen is not something you can just suck out of the air. You have to take water, run high current through it to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen. With oil, you get a lot of energy from very little. You operate at a GAIN. The amount of energy it takes to create hydrogen is greater than the amount of energy you will get from the hydrogen itself. You operate at a LOSS. Let's say, it takes 50 units of whatever energy to get the oil out of the ground, and process it. From the oil, you get maybe 3 times as much in return. Let's say it takes 300 units of energy to produce the same amount of hydrogen. The energy that hydrogen will produce, however, is only 150. That's the best analogy I can give. So, we need something else. I won't fault Bush for trying on THAT one, but the actual science will make it more costly than oil.

On another note, I was thinking about homeless people. Morgantown has a lot of homeless people downtown. I've been approached by these people, been asked for change, money, seen them standing on street intersections trying to collect with little signs that say things like "Homeless, need food" or whatever. I refuse to give money to homeless people, but listen to WHY. A lot of homeless people have problems, alcoholism and drug use being amongst the worse. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM going and buying that homeless man that approaches me a meal. I will do that out of the kindness of my heart, because I know he needs it. I will NOT give him money so he can get some beer, or drugs, or whatever. I have a great deal of sympathy for those that have nowhere to live, but I'm not so naive that I think all of them are victims of circumstance. Some of them have done it to themselves, and have no one else to blame. If there was a way to figure out which was which, no problem. But there isn't. I will help in a way that is beneficial to them, instead of potentially making things worse.

Gay marriage is another thing I started thinking about. My view? Let the gay people of the world have the right to get married, and shut the fuck up! This country was founded on so-called "equality" and "freedom", but this is an example of just the opposite. Saying that gays and lesbians cannot get married, or should not have the RIGHT to get married, is no different to me than saying that BLACK PEOPLE are inferior and shouldn't drink from the same fountain or go to the same schools as whites, or saying that WOMEN shouldn't be allowed to vote because they aren't smart enough, or that only MEN should be able to make those kinds of decisions. Where is our love for equality and freedom when we are willing to discriminate against people based on which GENDER they want to have SEX with??? You know what's behind this bullshit?? RELIGION. And I don't EVEN have enough time to go into what I think about that, so I'll save it for later.

*gets off his soapbox*
*deep breath* Ok. I'm done voicing my opinions for the moment. I'll probably do it again after work, though, so watch out.
This is just crap that runs through my head. I need to get it out sometimes.


8/28/2005 2:58 pm

Well, now. Breathe. That's it. In. Out. In. Out. Oh, wait, that's not breathing...

Hope you feel better releasing some of that frustration. Find your Zen. Meditate. Change what you can. I agree with you about some of it...disagree about other parts...but the important thing is, you let yourself be heard. Maybe you should keep a blog outside of AdultFriendFinder, where more people can "hear" you. Blogger is a good one. So is Live Journal. Lemme know if you decide to.

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