Redhaired girls  

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Redhaired girls

So, I got a call around 3pm, from Hank. He's one of the supervisors at work. Hank is a cool guy, and we get along really well. I genuinely like him, he's not an uptight, micro-managing ass or anything negative that I can really think of. So, Hank asks if I can come in early. Mind you, I was supposed to be at work at 4pm, and it takes me about 45 minutes to shower, shave, dress, and get there. I tell him yes, and get there a whopping 15 minutes early, more or less defeating the purpose of the call.

What I didn't realize though, is that we have a new girl doing her computer training. She's a cute little redhead, and if anyone knows me, I have a real weakness for redhaired women. It's like an instant attraction; there's just something about redhaired girls that just gets to me. I can't help it. As I was clocking in for the day, I made my observation of her clear to Hank, in the form of "Ooooh, a redhead", raising my eyebrows and displaying a big grin. Hank told me to be good, and I swore I would. I'm not a big flirty kind of guy when it comes to the workplace.

Her name is Brandii (spelled correctly), and she's just a cutie! She stayed back on the training computer half the night untill shortly after my 30 minute lunch break. My lunch break was spent eating, smoking a few cigs, and daydreaming about HER. I swear, normally I'm not prone to letting my brain drift off into those kind of realms (you know the one) when I am at work, but I honestly could not control it tonight. I had to force my thoughts out of the gutter, and back into reality in order to stay focused.
After my break, Brandii came up front, and Hank left me with the task of showing her how to use our touchscreen registers, and what did what, and so forth. I don't think I've ever taken so much pleasure in training someone in any job I've ever had before.
She was watching me, as I explained things, looking right in my eyes, smiling all the time. She kept a really good attitude all night, and never had any look on her face that displayed any kind of negative emotion. She laughed when I showed her how to announce the gas pumps over the microphone, mostly because of the fact that unless we are really busy, I try to alter my voice for each announcement. I'll go a slow, DEEP voice, somewhat intimidating, to a fast higher pitch, to a speedy-auctioneer style. I try to keep it random, for the sake of my own amusement, and those around me.

This girl's eyes would just lock onto mine every time I would speak to her....
I swear, I haven't had a night of work there yet where I actually went home and realized that my face hurt from smiling the entire time I was there. I was smiling and grinning the entire night, almost as if I had experienced the best sex of my life.
At any rate, the night went on, and I showed her the ropes, and then after all the breaks were out of the way, Hank put her on a register and I was to watch, help, and stock nearby items while not running a register of my own.
Good god, this girl is cute. She's shorter than me, perhaps by more than 5 inches or so, with natural red hair, the typical redhead light skin, and freckles. I could just pick her up and take her away with me if I could, but there's one little problem....

Through the course of conversation, and a well timed question, I learned how old she is. Brandii is 18 years old.
She looks a little older than that, but it makes me feel horrible for being attracted to her. A ten year difference in age is something that would prove to be insurmountable, in my views.
Still, I can't help but be attracted to her. She's pretty, she's nice, has a wonderfull smile, and overall awesome attitude.
At any rate, the entire evening was spent in close quarters with her, and interacting with her proved to be the highlight of my week. I'm STILL smiling, thinking about her, even though I know that nothing would, or perhaps even SHOULD come of it.
I did learn some things about her though, she IS in college now, working on a sign-language major. It wasn't until a little later that I noticed she does have something of an odd speech...thing. It's not an impediment. I'm not sure what it is. It could very well be that she's had some communicative difficulties, considering her major.
At any rate, she seemed like a sweet, nice girl. I look forward to working with her some more. *lol*

Ahhh, I just can't keep her out my head.

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