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Hello there! So, you're new here huh? Wondering how to get people to view your profile, and perhaps contact you? Read over this, because it will help. Some of you who are reading this and have been around for a while, some of this might apply to you too.

How to get noticed on AdultFriendFinder.

#1. Upload a picture.
Post at least one good face shot, and one full body shot. Nudes are NOT a requirement.This will be one of the most important things you could do for yourself if you are seriously looking to get people to notice you, no matter WHY you are here. Human beings are visual creatures. That may sound shallow, but it's the goddamn truth. Part of the way human attraction works is through sight. Beauty is in the eye of those who view it. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you are an unattractive person, and that by not putting up a picture, you can get someone through their mind ALONE. In the end, it rarely works out to your benefit. Every person that breathes judges physical attractiveness in a different way. It could be your smile that gets their attention. It could be your eyes. I get compliments on my eyes a lot, even though I might not be the most handsome guy in the world. So, don't be afraid to post a picture. It will do a LOT more good than any harm that you could imagine.
Nudes are fine, as long as you have the face and body shots too. Just posting a picture of your genitals or breasts doesn't give anyone anything to work with. Add those later if you want.

#2. Fill out your Basic, Personal, and Physical Information!
You may not be good at describing yourself, or getting across what kind of person(s) or relationships you desire, but write in at least more than 4 sentences. Be honest, though. Lies can always catch up to you. Just think of what you want, and put it into words as best you can. The more you describe yourself, the better your chance of someone reading it, and understanding you and what you want a little better. What you write is up to you. SOMETHING is better than nothing. The Personal Information is important. Geou need to get the sexual orientation right. If you are a woman looking for just other women, don't put STRAIGHT. It screws up the searches, and you will more likely get passed over. The same thing applies to your Basic Profile, where it says: "You want to meet". I also advise checking the Other "Alternative" Activities box, because that could mean just about anything, like hanging out, going to movies, ect. Try an eye grabbing Intro Title too.

#3. Answer the Additional Questions!
Just like in #2, the more you tell, the more the other person gets to know you, and what you like. Some of the questions might make you uncomfortable, you don't have to fill those out if you don't want to, but at least try to do half of them. And again, be honest.

#4 Take the personality test!
You may think that it's cutesy, or stupid, but it's actually a cool idea, when answered honestly. Fill the whole thing out, honestly, and with your first instinct. Don't OVERTHINK the questions. You'll probably find that once you get the results, they're not far from the mark. People DO look at those.

#5. Start a blog here.
This isn't SO important, but it's worth noting. If you've never had a blog, or online journal, now is a good time to start. It lets you get things out, pose questions, find advice, and in general lets people into your head. Just avoid the whole "how come no one reads my blog" kinds of posts, because in order to get people to read your blog, you need to post! Just write about your day, your hopes, fears, lusts, events...the kind of person you want, your fantasies. Anything. The more you write, the more you will get noticed, especially if your posts are well writen. I'm not talking novel material, just something that closely resembles english.

and lastly
#6. Interact with others.
I don't really think I need to explain that one too much. Chat, respond to blogs, ect...

I wish I could take this post and make it a link on the menu bar at the bottom and top of the page for new people. No one really ever uses the "Help" buttons on sites. A "Guide to newbies" button would be better.

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Excellent post! I have an upcoming article in which I restate many of the points that you make here, but I also add my own insights.


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9/3/2005 10:13 pm

Oh hell, glad SOMEONE found it usefull!

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