Goddamn N1GERIAN SCAMS.......  

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9/21/2005 10:12 am

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Goddamn N1GERIAN SCAMS.......

Holy shit, you gotta read this....this was a chat I had today on Yahoo. Please be aware that the Nigerians are a bunch of fucking scamers, and if you get a sob story involving that country, or an e-mail, trash it and block the user. These hoaxes have been around for a while, but this is a first for me.....

kissf4romabove_blueangel: hello,having gone through your profile i have found you so interesting and i will love to chat with you kuz we are both 99% compatible but the only 1% missing there is that we really need to talk so that i can know more of you am online now you can IM me now
jacexprime: You're qute far away, though.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: hello
jacexprime: So, how are ya?
[12:10] kissf4romabove_blueangel: am fine
[12:10] kissf4romabove_blueangel: and you
[12:10] jacexprime: doing ok so far.
[12:11] jacexprime: So....I guess the first thing to ask, would be, do you have a profile on Yahoo Personals I could see? You have me at a disadvantage...
[12:12] kissf4romabove_blueangel: nope
[12:12] kissf4romabove_blueangel: in yahoo messenger
[12:12] jacexprime: Ahhh. Just browsing then?
[12:13] kissf4romabove_blueangel: ok
[12:13] kissf4romabove_blueangel: brb
[12:14] kissf4romabove_blueangel: i wanna pee
[12:14] jacexprime: LOL
[12:22] jacexprime: BRB also, need a cig
[12:27] jacexprime: back!
[12:29] kissf4romabove_blueangel: ok
[12:29] kissf4romabove_blueangel: sup?
[12:29] jacexprime: Not much, getting ready to do a little house cleaning. How about you?
[12:30] jacexprime: Trying t o psych myself up for it. lol
[12:36] kissf4romabove_blueangel: Well i am Alisa Warner,i am 26 years Of Age i am an Orphan who has No body i am searching for the love of my life who will be there in the times of troubles who will always love me even till death.
I knew this whole thing was bullshit by this point, but I wanted to see how it played out. NO ONE ever says shit like this in real life, and expects it to be taken seriously.
jacexprime: Wow, that's one hell of an opening statement.
jacexprime: Impressive!
jacexprime: And you live in NY?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: My Both parents divorced before they died my mum died of hypertention of too much pressure from my dad's relation and i have no body to take very good care of me ,becos right now i am sad over here
jacexprime: That sucks....I'm sorry to hear that. Do you live on your own?
jacexprime: If you're busy, we can always talk later, if you like.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: not that just tha am sad
jacexprime: I'm sorry....wish I could do something for ya.
So, how did you find me?
And, are you living on your own?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: i have no home
kissf4romabove_blueangel: i have no body to help me becos i have been a victim of love and i dont wanna be one again ,if u wanna know what happened to me why i am a victim of love please mail me back becos
jacexprime: Where are you getting online at then?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: in the hospital
kissf4romabove_blueangel: am using the doctor laptos
jacexprime: That sounds odd....no offense.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: It all started when i meet the guy (the love of my life)in Bronklyn In New Yorkfeel in love with him easily becos i have no parent's.My parent's got divorced when i was 4,A year after the4 divorce,my dad died and 22 years later my mum followed.She died of a Hypertensive Heart.
jacexprime: Are you in the hospital as a patient?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: yep
kissf4romabove_blueangel: But now that i am grown up ,matured and can make decision on my own i decieded to get married to my lover a black guy from Nigeria named Charles.
jacexprime: Is this going to end in you telling me about getting ripped off by some Nigerian con-artist?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: We both courteed for about a year and we decieded to get married with each other.He said that his parent's wants the celebration to take place in his homeland Nigeria.
jacexprime: So, tell me something. Why are you in the hospital?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: I Agreed on one condition that after the wedding ,we will fly back to the states for our Honeymoon and settle down.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: We both Lodge in a hotel called Sunrisehotel ,he said that he dont want to be disturbed by anyone
kissf4romabove_blueangel: On the wedding day everything is set for us,But on our way to the church we had an auto crash which claimed the life of my Fiancee btu miraculosly
jacexprime: That sucks
kissf4romabove_blueangel: i escaped with some wounds on my body,this accident occur's around 10;AM in the morning .
kissf4romabove_blueangel: The family of My Fiancee cleared the corpse,by the time we finished it was getting dark, i was accussed for the death of my Fiancee and
jacexprime: hmmm
kissf4romabove_blueangel: i was beating seriously to the point of death by three strong men and i was dumped by the side of the road to die there but fortunately for me i was rescued by a night Guard
jacexprime: damn
kissf4romabove_blueangel: he took me to the nearest Hospital for Emergency treatment btu worst part of it is that the Night Guard never Showed up again.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: I was treating of a broken leg and now i wont be released if the hospital bills is not paid .
jacexprime: and you need help?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: YEP
jacexprime: Damn, that sucks
kissf4romabove_blueangel: I really need ur helpout of this place and secondly the hotel traced me to the hospital for there hotel bills
jacexprime: Too bad I'm wise to the whole NIGERIAN scams bullshit.
Despite the fact that you were cutting and pasting, because YAHOO MESSENGER shows when someone is actually typing text in, versus when they aren't.
jacexprime: Nice try though.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: i am oweing both the hotel and the hospital the total sum of $600 please help me out of this place
jacexprime: You're story is too outrageous to believe.
kissf4romabove_blueangel: what do you mean
kissf4romabove_blueangel: ?
kissf4romabove_blueangel: i am oweing both the hotel and the hospital the total sum of $600 please help me out of this place
kissf4romabove_blueangel: you can email the hotel to confirm
kissf4romabove_blueangel: ?
jacexprime: I'm sorry, but do you really believe that a total stranger is going to send you SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS based on a sad story? Good god, if this was for real, you would have more sense than that, ESPECIALLY after telling me my profile makes us sound like we are 99% compatible. GO FUCK YOURSELF.
jacexprime: Say hello to my blocked list.
*** kissf4romabove_blueangel has been ignored.

This is yet another reason I wish I had Orbital Nuke capabilities. Yes, I'd torch the country just to get the scammers. Same thing goes for telemarketers in New Jersey.

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