First Contact  

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8/4/2005 5:48 am

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First Contact

Stayed up late lastnight, chatting the hours away with a cute redhead from this site, who doesn't live very far away. She send me a series of striptease pics, which were very nice. I do believe we will end up getting together at some point soon for a little Dom/Sub playing. That's rather exciting, considering I've never had a girlfriend/sex partner who wanted to try that. We chatted on Yahoo IM for quite a few hours, and after the initial introductory period went right into talking about sex. I'm hopefull, seeing as how my sex life is in such a rut at the moment. I messaged a few girls on here, but haven't heard back despite the fact that I mentioned that I wanted to be told if they weren't interested. It's OK to say no, girls. It's not like you're going to break my heart. I'm not looking for a girlfriend, or a wife right now, just someone to hang with and/or enjoy sex with. If you don't want to have sex, having another friend isn't a loss in my eyes.

ANYWAYS...we'll see where this goes...I'm a little more optimistic now than I was the other day. Damn, and I didn't even get any yet.

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