Dave Attel is hilarious  

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8/21/2005 10:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dave Attel is hilarious

Listening to Dave Attel comedy on my computer, this is one of my favorite bits...about smoking.

"I feel like a cigarette, you can't smoke anymore, it's sad. I like smoking because when you smoke you know what you WON'T be doing tomorrow, like kayaking, and bungee jumping and bike riding and mountain climbing. I had a hat blow off in a strong wind, I'm like 'i'll get another one, i'm not moving for nothin!' Sometimes you need a cigarette though, right? Like after sex, you want a CIGARETTE! After you have sex with a beautifull woman, or a confused young man...you need a cigarette! You don't roll of someone and go "oooh, that was amazing, skittles? would you like a skittle? How about a jolly rancher baby, you want a jolly rancher?" And after bad things happen, you need a cigarette. Right? Like let's say, I don't know, you kill a guy with a hammer, you need a cigarette! Cause sex and murder are the same way, you say the same after both dontcha? "Damn, I gotta get the hell outta here! What the hell was I thinking?!"

If you can't tell, I'm bored.

rm_jacexprime2 40M
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8/22/2005 11:39 pm

*laughs* Ok, no prob!

*does a little dance* *LOL*

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