And thus ends...  

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9/2/2005 7:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

And thus ends...

Well, my SILVER membership status is now kaput. I felt no real need to renew my membership, because I've realized that it's not going to do me a bit of good. Thus far, the ability to see peoples profiles and message them, while informative, has been a complete waste of my time, and almost $20. I've messaged probably about 15 to 20 people who live very close to here, some in town, some within a short drive. To date, no one has even bothered to reply, not even to say "no thanks." I've realized that this site is a lot like the state lottery. Because of the extreme ratio of men to women, in that men seem to outnumber women at least 25 or more to 1, the odds are not good. I love reading the back of the lottery tickets that say the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are around 275,000 or some odd to 1. That's sort of what this feels like. The odds are horrible, and paying money is like being taxed for gullibility and stupidity all at the same time, which in a way is what the lottery is like sometimes too. Sure, you have that incredible, life altering chance of winning, but the odds are so stacked against you, you might as well take that dollar bill and wipe your ass with it and flush, because that's what it amounts to.

This site also makes me remember the days when I was into MMORPG's, or for those of you who don't know what that is, Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games. Everquest, Ultima Online, World Of Warcraft, things like that. I used to like playing those for a little while, and paying money to do it. But I was paying a monthly fee to sit on my ass, playing some game, which is supposed to be another way of socializing online. And then I got really sick of the game, not because of the game itself, but because of the people playing. Whiners, bitchers, Player-killers, looters....and people who couldn't speak a goddamn lick of normal fucking english. No one really "ROLE PLAYING." It ceased to be fun, and what is the point in playing when it isn't fun anymore?

So, all in all, I think what I am trying to say, is that it's pointless to pay money for something where you rely on other people to make it worthwhile, because people as a rule will dissapoint you. Don't pay money for dissapointment. That way, at least all you lose is time. Money nowadays is too vital, and now that gasoline has reached an all time high here in the United States, every penny counts.

This is not to say that I am leaving, though. There are some cool people on here who's thoughts and adventures I enjoy reading, and occasionaly commenting on, and it's just another place for me to vent and occasionaly get into a good conversation. All bitching aside, I love the idea of this site. The execution, however, leaves something to be desired. Maybe with time, it will improve.

Here's a thought. Considering that women are the statistical minority here, shouldn't they be getting some kind of perks on here for free? Hell, give all the women silver status for a month free. Advertise it. I dunno, do a membership drive for women.

At this point, I think I am just rambling and pulling thoughts out of my ass, because my brain just went quiet. Maybe I'll write something a little more inspired later on.


9/2/2005 8:46 am

It is tough when you feel like you're putting all you've got into something, money included, and get very little results in return. I'm unsure why you haven't gotten more responses than you have, because frankly, if I was single, I'd be interested. You have an awesome wit and humor about you, as well as an overall cute guy, so unsure what the deal is there. At any rate...I thought women outnumbered the men on here...? Maybe not. But, we do get more perks than the guys do. We can send emails & view profiles even as standard members. (At least I can...hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot

Glad you're going to stay. I always find your blog interesting.

Good luck on your search.

rm_jacexprime2 39M
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9/2/2005 10:27 am

OMG, are you nuts? lol
I just looked at the numbers, if you go to "browse" and just look within the United's what you see...
Men Seeking Women - 6,754,160 Listings
Women Seeking Men - 591,191 Listings
This isn't taking into account the men seeking TWO women, or vice versa, or couples seeking one more person, or gays or lesbians. This is just the "straight" people looking for AT LEAST one person of the opposite sex. Divide the men by the women, and you get almost 12 single men per one single woman. That's fucking NUTS.

As for why I haven't gotten more responses, I'm not sure. Something makes me think it's something about my profile. I dunno, if you feel bored at some point, go look at it and tell me if it sounds funky. I've tried my best, but perhaps I just don't know how to advertise myself all that well. Haven't had much practice at it, to be honest.
I appreciate the kind words, though. Really. :\

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