A new blog to taint!  

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8/2/2005 10:23 pm

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A new blog to taint!

I don't have any cool experiences involving this site yet, or have talked to anyone, really, so I guess I'll just use this as an extention of my hatelife journal for the moment, since I can't say some things in it because certain people read it, and they don't need to know certain things. And that would be bad.

Ok, first things first. There are way too GD many penis pictures here. I never would have thought that so many lonely and sex starved men would all subscribe to the idea that the best way to attract women would be to shove your penis in front of their faces so they get a good look at it. Holy crap! It's....crazy. Then again, I am pretty biased in this, since you don't hear me complaining about all the womens crotch or breast shots. Not that I would!

This is something I can't write in my other journal....I really really want to have sex with my ex-girlfriend's sister. And that's bad. Real bad. For quite a few reasons, the first being that she's 21 years old. That makes me feel like a dirty old man, despite that I'm only 7 years older than her. That's not a HUGE difference, but STILL. Another reason is because she IS my ex's sister. I can't help it though, it's sad. She is so sexy it hurts, and she dresses like she REALLY knows it. What makes it really bad, though, is that we've become better friends (in a way) and hang out more now that my ex is gone, and I think of her as a friend.
I know for a fact it would never happen, but a guy can fantasize. I'm not sure if I should feel bad for that or not, but I think I'm leaning towards NOT because she IS sexy, and she is an adult.

There are a lot of attractive older women on this site. I've always wondered what a sexual experience with an older woman would be like, but never really got the chance to find out. I'm not that old, but not that young...28 isn't that bad, I think. Some of these women between 37 and 30 are rather hot. One of the things I would have expected to see, would be older women looking for younger guys for sex, simply because of the enthusiasm and energy of youth. Of course, youth precedes experience, so maybe that's a factor.

Here's one for the rest of you...
You may not like this style of music, but honestly, play some Type O Negative (like the October Rust cd) when you're gettin' some love. I've had some good luck with it.

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