A little more conversation...  

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9/20/2005 11:35 am

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A little more conversation...

Last night I got an instant message on YahooIM, and at first I thought it was another one of those goddamn spam-bots that troll personals sites like Yahoo Personals, and messages me in an effort to get me to sign up for some stupid site. Amazingly enough, it was an actual person who actually PAID for her membership (similar to AdultFriend Finder) and decided to contact me. That was a first. Turns out, she's living in VA for work at the moment, but is from Masontown, which is a 20 min drive from here. We ended up staying up late chatting our little heads off for nearly five hours straight. Not about stupid shit, either. Actual, honest-to-gawd, conversation. Like, about the hypocrisies and double standards that exist for both men and women, pet peeves, and just general conversation about the realms of relationships, sex, and parenthood, amongst other things. Yeah, there was some bullshitting too, and we both had a lot of fun chatting. The culmination of the evening, though, was that she was wanting to come to Morgantown to have a night out and have someone to hang out with, and as a result, we basicaly agreed to meet up here in town and make it a night out at the local gay bar, Vice Versa. NOW, don't get me wrong...the idea wasn't mine originaly, but I figured....what the hell. If she's willing to come hang out after a couple hours drive, and have a fun evening, then why not? Couldn't hurt to see what happens, although I will state right now that I have no expectations whatsoever about how it will go, or what will occur. Part of this is because I've had a few long distance relationships, and they never worked out, so I'm not inclined to try to even make this into a romantic event. I'm approaching it as a potential friend, just looking to hang out and have fun, and that's it. I'm not AGAINST anything more, I'm just not going to go out of my way to encourage it, unless this girl is fucking spectacular, and she would realy have to be something special for me to even attempt a long distance thing, especially with my life being in the situation it is NOW. So, this is just for shits and giggles as far as I am concerned right now.
SO....we'll see what happens.
I'm pretty sure I'm not looking forward to work today, for some nagging reason I think it's going to be unpleasant. And me without a flame-thrower.


9/20/2005 8:56 pm

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Hope work went better than you thought it would.

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