A Parody Personality Type Profile!  

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A Parody Personality Type Profile!

I was looking at my personality profile, and all the others, and realized there's not much negative about any of them, so I think I'm going to create a parody profile, for my amusement and yours! I really hope no one is offended, this is meant purely for a few laughs. Any resemblance to actual people you know is sad, yet entirely coincidental. Please don't hit me! *ducks*
Agressive Greedy Rage-filled instigatOr
The Bad Apple, AKA: Asshole

AGRO General
You believe that life is there to serve you, above all else. If you see something you want, you take it without considering the consequences, and as a result, your picture is prominently displayed in your local Post Office. God really did break the mold when he created you, in hopes that he wouldn't do it again. What the hell was he thinking?!

AGRO How to win love
Winning is everything right? And nothing will get in your way, not even "No". Since getting what you want is so important, you're not above stacking the deck, so to speak. A couple of sleep pills in a drink can give you all the edge you need!

AGRO Where to meet
Chances are, you can be found in any sleazy dive, or strip bar, but the truth is an AGRO can be found almost anywhere. The chances are really high, however, that an AGRO will be found in your local prison, and looking for love online, since some retard thought that giving inmates computer access was a brilliant idea.

The Joys
Sex with an AGRO can be the most intense out of all the personality types, but that usually comes at the cost of bruises and self-respect/self image. Other than that, there's not much going for an AGRO.

The Frustrations
Ooh boy. Being the kind of person he is, an AGRO can cause all kinds of mayhem, which is why he's probably incarcerated. Prone to emotional outbursts when confronted or not getting his way, he tends to step on a lot of toes. The AGRO must be carefull who he upsets during his prison stay, however, and should be on the constant lookout for toothbrushes and comb handles. While the AGRO may think he's top dog, there are a lot of guys worse than him, and pissing the wrong people off will put his physical health and rectal virginity in severe and constant peril. Now is a good time for him to rethink his life choices!

OVERALL for other Personality Types: Stay the hell away! At the first sign that your partner is an AGRO, RUN. Run fast, far, and long. Greyhound has resonable prices, I've heard. Just avoid Amtrack, as their record is less than sparkling. Restraining orders are a good idea, as is a high priced security system. Carry a can of pepper spray with you wherever you go. And change your name. It's not that expensive!

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