generations....different and yet the same...  

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7/8/2006 9:30 pm

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generations....different and yet the same...

every generation has had its period of technological advancement that has shapes the lives and expereinces of youth and adults. IN a lot of ways, these changes could be viewed as improvements on society, in other ways, it could be proved the opposite, as a path way for continued corruption ..

it is up for debate and the individual to develop their own take. for me, it seems this generation of youth is lacking a lot from those before terms of discipline, respect, general concern of the betterment of those around them. i don't know where it stems or where it lies at, perhaps a lack of leadership from us...from their parents, or that society and its outlets provide enough blinders for youth to truly not care about anyone but themselves.

The tv was an fixture in my youth..and it began with my father. he would come home and escape downstairs, to his office, and his tv and that was his oasis. it was his escape from reality...from having to deal with family..with kids....intentional or not, that was the purpose of it.

Today, the computer, the internet is a fixture in my life. It doens't serve as an avenue to escape, but one to search, to find, to exist and seek what things missing in my life, not deny what is there.


rm_j_eeyore 41M

7/9/2006 12:00 am

my first win a prize !!! (details later)

technology using us is a very profound is true...the people us technology to exploit and control....for instance, the channels given to us to choose from on the tv is by in large decided by a handful of corporation...a handful of ceo's...making it harder to find the truth, or at least the opposing view.

thank you, deeply, for taking your time here...very appreciated and your thoughts very looked forward upon.


rm_j_eeyore 41M

7/11/2006 11:12 pm

thank you sultry..for your comment and kind words. the possibilities that the internet creates the opporunity for, friendships and connections never thought possible is second nature. what a powerful thing.

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