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10/17/2005 11:29 am

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can you let you emotions flow ?
and i mean all of them. i have thought about all the emotion that i have felt.
i do understand that emotion is based on situation and vice versa but the truly most awsome is the sexual emotion

have you ever looked at your partner while they are in the thros of passion i mean really looked and saw all the emotions play across their eyes and body langage OMG what a joy to see that and know that you have brought out that emotion is this person OMG

i was with this lady one time and she was a very attractive person ( inside and out )

side note: people can be attractive out side and be very ugly on the inside and vice versa

anyway she had very long hair brn and the most beatiful eyes, ones that you can get lost in
and a butt that just would never quit ohhh man
i have good size hands and her butt fit them like a glove we got into it hot and heavy and you could not belive the emotions that this gal played thru

i was a little worried that i may hurt her for i am not a small endowed person so i told her to pls take it slow and ease on to it she laughed
and said dont you worry hun leave that to me
and she did very well

but the emotions that she played thru she was such a joy to be with
she was very happy with her self and it showed

ohhh yea have you ever dived off the cost of africa and felt the warm breeze on the beach in thai land

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