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10/1/2005 12:11 am

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Sex Encounter

Me stays in Singapore.Once,at about a quarter to 1 in the morning,I went to the nearest 7-11 to get a pack of cig and was surprise when a big boobs,sweet ass lady came to me.She straight asked whether can i make her wet?I was like "huh??Am i dreaming??"I replied Sure why not??She then followed me to my plc and we went straight into my room.We chat for awhile and suddenly,she asked me to touch those huge,braless boobs.Upon touching it,she reaches out her hand underneath my trouser for my dick which in that point of time,is already duly hardened.Slowly,she took off her top and exposed her voluptous nice pair of tits.I strip down to nothing and began carressing her tits and my other hands busy finger f*c^ing her wet pussy.We then do a 69 and omg she gave me the best blowjob i ever had.She begs me to cum into her mouth which i did willingly.Still hard,i then licked her pussy and she moans so erotically while my dick still in her mouth.She then came on top of me and putting herself inside me.Its so tight..!I flipped her around and get on her back doing it to her while pulling her hair.I get her flat on her back and do it more intensely while i can see she was in another world and gasping for breath.I cud feel i'm cuming and she hurriedly came to my dick and i shoot off another load of cums into her mouth.Every single drop isn't wasted.We collapsed after that and the next morning,i saw a note on my study table and $200.The note say "Thxs for the wonderful time yesterday.We shall meet again if its fated.Till then,remember our night"

And till now,2years down the road,i still havent seen her.Wonder who's the next lucky guy??

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