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5/24/2005 11:59 am

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A poem

Descent 2

When it rains, it rains so fiercely and ever so hard
I see you, I hear you, I feel you, and I see you are scarred
Eyes half closed and a grip so thin
Shadows weigh heavily and deepen your sin
The sun in your life trembles and fades
A descent on a pathway your emotions so grave
Memories awaken of how you have grown
While temptations surround you a curse of grey stone
Friendships so fragile where do you turn
Unravelling each thread knowing some will be spurned
Strength is within you, for you hold the key
Deep inside is an image of me
The link we share has roots oh so deep
Just reach for my shelter so safe we can weep

False expectations appearing so real
They limit your reach with vigour and zeal
A whisper, a murmur you try hard to say
While standing still in the chill breeze of May
Your hurt is rustled and opens inner shame
While dominoes tipped have gathered their game
Winter colours instil a yearn for release
A search for a place filled with endless peace
But mine is a friendship vast and deep
My arms are wide open a cradle of sleep
While over your shoulder a gift from the heart
Proves this bond filled with love is sealed from the start
Side by side father and son, a permanent kin
When it rains, it rains gently and softens their skin

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