a real broken heart  

rm_itisme8669 30M
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6/23/2006 11:47 pm
a real broken heart

she through a hissy fit and then broke my heart in 2, with out a moment of thought our relationship was through, i was left to crumble and left to fall crying.. and deep down inside i was slowly but surely was dying.

she was pregnant that's right, up the duff.
but my love 4 her goes way beoned the muff. i thought i was a man i though i tough, i was wrong i was weak, i was just a laugh.

she didn't want to keep it, and i tried to help through her this, but she wouldn't let me pay or even love her through this.
all i want is for sum1 to love me 4 me,
and not be hated and bespied coz love is all i see.

she was with child and know it was all my fault,
because of my fuck up she did a bolt.
she was my 1 true love, she was an agel sent to me from above.

her love 4 me fades day by day,
these feelings by itisme and my real name is Jay

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