Good Museum!  

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8/20/2006 2:19 pm
Good Museum!

Had a great trip today to the in Venezia (Venice).

One of the better kept secrets of a town known to harbor some really good ones.

You'll never look at Venezia the same again. And if you look closely, you might begin to see the signs of Venezia's libertine past...All carved along the buildings that surround you.

Very classy but very tarty too. They've got some fabulous "temporary" exhibits in addition to a permanent exhibit that encompasses the entire 4th floor.

Mainly artwork versus sculpture, they do have some nice pieces though. Several "exotic" cultural items (mainly reproductions) from Greece, China, Japan, Africa and the "New World" were present as well.

If you like the Marquis de Sade or Casanova, or just want to see the "drrty" side of Venezia, this is a great trip, and dirt cheap for the area.

The gift-shop has some classics, books galore, and a few 'niche' or 'fetish' style items but it's a nice, clean museum. Nothing "seedy" or "dirty" about the building, or it's location.

Literally steps from San. Marco's Basilica and San Marco Square, this was a great few hours. Well worth the very sore and tired feet (finding it can be a pain but it's worth it when you get there).

If you decide to go, head to the Basilica, then along the storefronts facing the lagoon. There will be a small alleyway that turns in towards the high rises and apartments - cross the bridge (Ponte Dei Dai) and you're there.

High quality, low price, and not heavily trafficked (even in the height of "tourist season") so it's well worth the time and effort to find it. OH, and it's open every day for your lascivious art needs.

Just don't be surprised if you ask Carabinieri for directions and you're given a knowing wink.

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