rm_irishca77 39M
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8/16/2006 4:18 pm

Who doesn't love it...I mean..c'mon. What's better than having a hot woman with her lips wrapped tightly around your shaft...just loving every inch of it. I mean, I can get hard just thinking about it. If a woman can give good head, she's golden.

I just wish I got more of it. A friend of mine admitted to me the other day (whether he was telling the truth or not, who knows) that his wife insists on giving him regular head...to the point where he can be watching TV, she'll get up...get him a beer...and quite literally whip it out for him and suck on him till he blows a hefty load down her throat. Now, for any other of my friends, I'd call bullshit. However, his wife would DEFINITELY do something like that...so I do believe him.

I think that's a walking wet dream right there. You just gotta love a woman who's passionate about head. Just as passionate as I am about eating pussy. I love it.

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