In the begining  

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10/20/2005 11:13 am

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In the begining

I imagine those slim, long fingered hands running over the skin of my back, gently touching it, feeling its softness and texture. They run up across my neck and steal into my hair, slipping through the strands silently. I lean back against him as he guides my head to the right, exposing the creamy white sensitive skin of my neck, one hand still in my hair as the other runs lightly down my neck for a brief moment before being replaced by soft lips. He trails kisses from my earlobe down to the base of my neck, one arm now wrapped around my waist, holding me to him. I arch and sigh against this onslaught of sensations, my muscles loosening and my skin warming, starting to take on the fevered glow of arousal. His hand slides up from my waist to gently cup my breast, his thumb running over the hardening rose colored nipple. He tilts my head further back, his lips leaving a trail of kisses now up my neck and over my jaw until they are pressed against my own lightly at first. I let myself fall deeper into the kiss, my mouth parting slightly as he prods my lips open with his tongue; his hand tightens in my hair pulling me closer. His hand that had been cupping my breast is now gently pulling first on one of the rings running through nipples then the other making them even harder until they begin to ache from the sensation. My body arches further back, my breasts pushing against his hand, I try to turn towards him but his hand leaves my hair and slides down my body until it grips my waist holding me half turned and he breaks the kiss. His mouth seeks my nipple, suckling lightly at first, his tongue teasing it. I gasp at the sensation and my hips buck of their own accord, his hand slips from my waist and cups my ass for a moment before he slips his fingers between my legs and runs them along the slick lips of my sex. His probing fingers find my clit and it sends a jolt through me making me cry out.....

Use your imagination on what comes next

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