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5/9/2005 6:15 pm

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Recovering...... I am, A happy man. Had my best friend visit and met his SO, A most wonderful fun energetic and embraceful loveing soul. They will be good for each other, (I gaze into my crystal ball....) NAAAA I just feel it, OK?
So Fri after work (I left early) we made plans to go to this nightclub a "alternative lifestyles" place, shoot some pool, drink, dance, hang and just be a "group". I say group as we were to be (now get this) One married couple 'Myself and Wife'- our 18 yr old daughter(who did not drink TRUST ME)- one gay couple 'Best friend and SO'- one female friend 'who is the mother of my daughter's best friend' (gettin thick yet? LO and we were to meet a friend I knew from work 'male'. All of us were intending to act, and in some ways we really are, an intimate/loveing/embracing/hugging/touchy/kissie/groping - bunch. It was my idea, with an ulterior motive mind you, to have us all act this way at the club.
I have been thoughtfully exploring in my mind, and discusing with the wife anal play for myself, and being my best friend is gay, (we have known each other for 10 yrs) with also my wife and him getting along so well, maybe a "group" session at home after loosening up at the club just maybe would happen. Well only Myself, wife, daughter, Best friend and SO, made it. (bummer) But we had a wild time anyway, gettin loose, huggie/touchie/kissie, etc etc. and a weee bit drunk (well me anyway). All that evening I had been hinting to my BeFrnd what I had in mind for later. Naturally he picked up on these hints and we talked quite frankly on why I wanted it and who I wanted it with. You know, when you and a best friend and a LOVEING WIFE get together and work out a relationship/sexual situation, sometimes they make more sense to you do. The solution is most agreeable as you will see....

Needless to say that night my wife and I enjoyed some very intense, wild, uninhibited, WET, MULTI orgasmic sex. Falling asleep in each others arms, warm in the glow of a deeper love I have never known at anytime ever in my life.

(gettin wrist cramp, will write more tomorrow)
Be Well

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