What do I want to do?  

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8/1/2005 5:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What do I want to do?

To the right woman,

I missed you last night. I figured you would call back as you said. I was hoping to see you. I wanted to look deep into your hypnotic eyes and watch you sheepishly look away. I was hopping to smell your sweet scent, to touch your soft warm skin with my wanting lips. I wanted to feel your body tense up as I caressed your ear with my mouth. I wanted to hear you moan as I slide my hands gently over your whole body. I wanted to hear your heavy and exhaustive breathing as I burry my head between your legs bow down and pay homage to your altar of love tasting your forbidden fruit. I love to watch your head flail around as if you were possessed with exstasy and pleasure. I wanted to feel you squeeze my head and force me to penetrate you with my hard swollen member, when you could not take any more. I wanted to feel your legs wrap around my body forcing me deeper inside your wet and beautiful pussy. I wanted to feel you slam your body harder against mine as I slap your soft firm sweet ass. I wanted to thrust my cock harder, faster and deeper inside you until I explode and my hot juicy me inside of you with my stiff pulsating cock. As we lay there with fresh sex in the air, I would have enjoyed you head on my shoulder trying to find the strength to get up and go home when all you want to do is lay in my arms all night long.

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