Flirting ... and nothing more  

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6/29/2005 12:09 pm

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Flirting ... and nothing more

There's a woman I work with who is single, attractive and extremely flirtatious. I've just returned to my office after a long conversation with her, probably too long and that's my fault. There is a certain chemistry between us, we can talk about anything and she is very open about her social life, her likes, dislikes, fantasies etc.
So, I've just spent the better part of half an hour with her and the whole time she's playing with her hair, licking her lips (and laughing because it's so deliberate). If I ask her to lift her skirt a little, she obliges. If I reach out to touch her she doesn't flinch. We've never gone past the flirting stage which, I admit, is progressing by degree but I am extremely reluctant to go any further; first because we work together, second because I so enjoy the 'game' that I don't want to risk damaging it by initiating something more intimate. How long could you keep this up without daring to cross the line?

Linds1957 59F

1/2/2006 3:47 pm

Hi indulg_gent1,

My opinion is that she is allowing you to flirt with you and she has a secret desire to go further. If you don't want to go further with her, I think it would be best to just stop now. Once the train picks up more speed it's hard to stop the train...

MarinadelMar 59F

1/9/2006 2:07 am

Mmm, sounds like you're playing with fire to me ... and you know it.

The mere fact that you're aware of the unspoken implications of damaging your marriage, as well as the expressed implications of work complications, seems to mean that you are enjoying the game but very wary of getting drawn in too deep.

What has she to lose? Much more important, what have you to lose?


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