Does this web site work, or is it just me...  

KnobsAnnoyEying 42M
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4/13/2006 1:26 pm
Does this web site work, or is it just me...

I am wondering if this site works. I joined on a whim a few months ago and only have a few months of my membership remaining. I am not sure if what I am looking for is out ther, does it exist?

A little about me, I am a married white, educated, professional male who is trapped! I feel I am trapped in a marriage and I do not know what to do. The reason I joined this web site was to find a friend, a friend and a lover. I want to feel loved, wanted needed, and lusted after. So far I have not meet anyone on this site that I have even chatted with. I have sent many tickles and emails but have gone unanswered. Are there any loving and caring women out there who understand what I am going thru? Drop me a line, Id really like to talk to you!

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