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4/12/2006 8:20 pm

That slacker boyfriend of yours never seems to want to get his '68 Alfa sedan running right. It was a POS when it was new, now it's older than you are and you're stranded again, on a long empty wooded road above the suburbs, this time with a busted heater hose. I do hope I can get help before nightfall, you think. You see a car with its lights on pull up behind you. It looks like an ordinary car, but with add-ons that suggest it's fast and its owner knows driving. I get out with a smile and walk up to your open hood. "What's wrong?" I say, looking right into your eyes. "I think I have a busted heater hose," you say, pointing to the column of steam shooting up. "Ah, yes," I say, " I think I can help."

Ending A
A few minutes with a rag and Swiss army knife, and the problem is patched. "Good luck," I say, moving to go. Your hand hooks my arm and swings me to face you. We gaze at each other for only a second, then we embrace fully, our lips and tongues probing the other's mouth. We shuffle to the curb behind the cars, partially reclined, still in liplock. My hands firmly and smoothly caress your breasts, as if coming home. My erection forces me to loosen my pants; you push them down. You sit back, and slide your jeans over your hourglass hips. I can see a growing wet spot on your panties in front of your pussy. I sit on the curb away from the road; the ground slopes down. In one motion, you straddle me and slide your wet cunt over my straining cock. You settle in quickly and begin moving in earnest. You come quick and hard; I'm still warming up. You move slower, with strong pulsations of your pussy on my cock. The concerted movement milks a huge orgasm from me and another from you. We hold each other this way for 10 minutes, separate, kiss, and drive. ...

Ending B
A few minutes with a rag and Swiss army knife, and the problem is patched. "Good luck," I say, and close the hood. You move to get in, but I'm blocking the door. I swing you to face me. We gaze at each other for only a second. You move more firmly to the door, but I press my mouth to yours, probing with my tongue and lips. I pin your arms, slightly behind your back so movement causes pain and we move to the curb behind the cars. My stance momentarily allows you to knee me in the groin. The blow glances, there is some pain, and more anger. I slap your face hard; a patch reddens and blood starts to trickle from your mouth. I spin your back to me, twisting an arm to keep movement painful. With a practiced move, I unbutton and pull down my jeans and shorts as one, letting my filling dick out. I unbutton and pull your pants and panties over your sweet hips, then pull your ass against my stiff cock. Now involuntary response takes over, your cunt is wet and I waste no time entering you. I make a few hard thrusts against your G-spot while I flow some of your cunt juice onto my hand. I rub the hand against your anus as I thrust. An involuntary orgasm shakes your body as I press two fingers into your ass. I withdraw from your pussy, and slide my dick up and into your wet asshole. It only takes a few more strokes before you come again and I drench your rectum with my come.

I pull out slowly, and pull up your pants, then mine. You collapse half-sitting, half-lying on the ground. I walk back to my car and drive off. As you watch my taillights, a smile slowly creeps across your face.

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