Oral refreshment  

rm_increbulous 50M
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4/12/2006 8:22 pm
Oral refreshment

Your eyes scan traffic, buildings, entrances, passersby, looking for me. You don't want to look each stranger in the face as you wait for our meeting, so you practice a sidelong, looking-through/looking-past glance. Maybe you will recognize me without seeming to. Last night was so unexpected. Not that you haven't met a stranger before and made it both your businesses to head for a secluded place, bound for quick intimacy. But the lead-up to the meeting was unusual, then the meeting itself. Never had you and someone simultaneously sought the same sublime sexual expression, with no words.

I had lain you down undressed on the floor. I noted your vibrator on the shelf and swept it down as I lifted your knees up, exposing your rich and swelling cunt. I switched the tool on as I put my face and tongue to your clitoris. Normally this would be fast, but now it was salvation for your aching body. I applied the vibrator to your labia as I lapped at your clit with fast, small strokes of my tongue. Your juices spilled out onto the vibrator, and I smoothly slid it in. A sharp moan showed your surprise. Now we were cruising, my tongue and the vibrator. I made sure to spread some of your juice down to your freshly-showered asshole, enjoying all the taste and smell. You started to climax; as you did, I removed the vibrator, shifting it down to your ass. You felt its tip and relaxed your sphincter, almost sucking it in. Three long strokes and my tongue continuing to go wrenched a shout from your mouth as you shuddered with a wracking orgasm.

Slowly I stopped moving my tongue, turned off the vibrator and withdrew. By now I was hard as at any time in my life. I stood up and walked over to your head. I kissed you once, then slowly squatted over your face, facing your legs. My heavy balls hung fully down. You smiled and opened your mouth as you saw them coming. First the left dropped into your waiting mouth and you began sucking. As I thought it, you reached for the bottle of Astroglide and took some into your hand. As you rolled my stone around in your mouth, you began to stroke my shaft smoothly with your hand, made easier because I had shaved the hair around the base, letting you feel my whole 8+ inches from lap to bulging head. You opened your mouth wider and took my second nut; you felt as though you had an entire hamburger in your mouth. Rhythm took over as you timed your strokes with powerful sucking, just short of causing pain to my delicate balls.

I was able to take this for about 4 minutes, then I couldn't. My first spurt of semen landed just short of your furry bush. The next at, oh, your belly button. Then thicker coursing out over your chest and your breasts with their erect nipples (note to self: get to those next). Still holding my cock and balls, you languidly dragged your fingers through my come, smearing from your shoulder blades, around your erect nipples, zig-zagging down your abdomen, over your mons and into your pussy. We disengaged, slowly again. I turned to look at you. "Let's meet up tomorrow after work," I said. You nodded.

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