just serch or serch button?  

rm_in_sapporo 39M
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8/21/2006 1:56 am
just serch or serch button?

i was wondering why it is so hard to find someone nice to have fun with...

there are many sites that you can registr to, all of them promise you that you will find the love, long-term relationships, friendship or just pure sex with partners from around the world. all of them urge you to get start now because there is so many Japanese ladies that want to meet you!

but as you allrady know if you actually find someone grat that you actually want to meet - the "Join for free" turn to be "please pay us mony"....

in our days it is hard to find the right one for us (friendship or just pure sex), especially if you are married. you study or work all day long and aftrer that you have to go home - so you cant just go out and serch for that special one. insted you use the serch button in the web site.

maybe it's because i'm married, maybe it's because my japanese level is not so high (and i write my blog in english) or maybe just because i'm in sapporo (and not in tokyo or osaka),
but nevertheless it is hard to be lost in sapporo.

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