What Are You Looking For? A Test  

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8/30/2005 8:08 pm

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What Are You Looking For? A Test

Here’s a quick test to get an idea of what you’re in search of. Choose a response to the following suggestions for how you might spend time with a person you meet on this site.

1. Cooking together.
A. Sounds like a lot of fun
B. Nah, you can pick up something to eat on the way over.
C. Only if one or both of you are naked.

2. Taking a long walk together.
A. That would be a great idea.
B. Not into it.
C. Only if there’s enough privacy to account for the fact that you can’t keep your hands off of one another.

3. Watching a movie together.
A. Of course! Movies are always better when watched with someone else.
B. Maybe a porn during sex.
C. Can be any type of movie, but only if your bodies are intertwined and you keep pressing the pause button.

4. Candlelight dinners together.
A. Very romantic.
B. Don’t see it happening.
C. Well, after a long session of sex by candlelight, who’s going to want to turn on a lightbulb?

5. Shopping together.
A. If it makes her happy.
B. Not likely.
C. Looking at a catalog of lingerie together and giving your input sounds like fun.

Alright, here’s the score…

If you answered predominantly A’s, then you’re probably looking for a serious relationship. That is a wonderful thing, but even if you meet someone else from this site, be very conscious that is not what most people here are looking for. Make sure you don’t set yourself up to get hurt.

If you answered predominantly B’s, then you want sex. Simple and obvious.

If you answered predominantly C’s, then you want a certain type of limited relationship based on sex. Intimacy is a big part of it, but what the two of you have revolves around the physical, and won’t progress too far beyond that.

I’m looking for the right woman who chose C’s all the way.

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