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11/2/2005 7:06 pm

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Damn, after reading that last post I made, I'm starting to think I *am* a little whiner... LOL

Well, spending all day not looking forward to what would happen when I came home was stressful enough. I'm sure I added at least 2 or 3 grays on top over that one.

Surprisingly, though, she was calm, rational and spoke to me in a civil manner. Not sure if it was the finality of everything I said, the thought that I am really ready to leave, or just that she had done some soul-searching. Who knows? The one thing I *do* know is never turn your back on an angry woman that is acting calm. Bad sign.

I guess I'll see how this plays out over the next few days/weeks/months. I've already arranged for one place to stay, and have another on standby, so if the proverbial shit-take mushrooms hit the fan, I'm covered.

You know, at first I thought this whole "blogging" thing was rather pointless, but I feel so much better after getting my feelings out there. Must be as therapeutic as everyone says... wow, and I didn't need to shell out mucho dinero for a shrink! (sorry, BB - had to throw that in there!)

Luv to all my buds ...I love chatting with all of ya!

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