DVD review - "The Man"  

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1/29/2006 9:30 am

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DVD review - "The Man"

I really enjoyed this movie. I've always enjoyed pretty much loved anything that Samuel L. Jackson has been in (The Negotiator, Pulp Fiction, Changing Lanes) - he is a great actor, and his acting abilities were really shining through in this film.

Eugene Levy played the quintessential "nerd" to a TEE! Of course, playing the bumbling "I did nothing wrong, how did I get involved in this?" part was nothing short of hysterical.

Several notable scenes that I really enjoyed:

In the car, Levy looks at Jackson and tells him "I'm taking a mental picture of you", and then blinks his eyes shut as if taking a picture ...that was funny

In the pool, Jackson stripped down to his drawers, Levy still in his suit ..after he "lays it down" for the bad guys (great acting) and the bad guys leave, he looks at Levy and said "did you piss in the m-f'ing pool????" ...cute

All in all, this is a do-rent. Not a "must-rent", but close. I enjoyed it

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1/29/2006 12:49 pm

I watched it last night myself.. pretty funny stuff. especially the part where the guy ask Eugene who Samuel was, and he said, He's my Bitch. THAT was before the pool scene.

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