How I learned I was bisexual. Part 2  

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3/4/2006 12:52 am

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How I learned I was bisexual. Part 2

After a snack break and quick change of tapes in the camcorder Bud brought out some soft rope and told shell to get her ass back on the bed. She ran in and jumped on the bed spread eagle and we tied her hands and feet the the four post bed. Bud and I worked on her with mouths, hands, ice, feathers, vibrators and anything else at hand as she kept begging for something to be shoved up her pussy. Here I found out she loved anal play so we would play with her asshole but not put anything into her pussy. Nibbling pulling and twisting on her tits nipples and clit we had her begging to be fucked. We put a blind fold on her and made a game of her guessing who it was touching her or whose dick was in her hand or mouth. When Bud finally broke down and plunged his dick up her she started the longest orgasm I have ever seen. It kept going and going even as bud and I switched places. Bud had cum in her so when I slid in I was mixing both of there juices around. I was going to pull out before I blew my load again knowing that would be the end of my night but damn if I didn't go to far. When she came down we untied her and as she kissed us deep again she said she hoped I was good for one more cause she knew she could get bud going again. I told her it was in her hands and mouth but I didn't know if I was going to be able to do more than watch and use my hands and mouth. Sure as hell she got both of us up again and asked us to double up and fuck both her ass and cunt at the same time. I hadn't ever done that either so that sounded great. As we worked out the logistics of the position Bud and I crossed dicks a couple times and what a rush that was. Neither of us said anything and we pushed ahead and just fucked the hell out of her till all three of us were totally spent. She kissed us both deep and hard again as she thanked us for the best sex she had ever had. Hell it was the best I had had too, and I told them.

We talked about the fun we had on the phone and were planning another night together when they could be without their two kids. We had a couple game nights before the next session and it was fun making comments that the three of us knew to be personal but others didn't get. I would grab her ass or tits in the kitchen as she kissed me while we got refills for everyone and bud was all smiles knowing what was going on. A couple times her nipples were totally visible as we sat around the table playing that I was sure the others had to notice. Bud did and would just say in passing something like "they sure have grown lately" and it would have nothing to do with the conversations goin on around the table. A couple times she stopped by my dorm and fucked me silly and went home to tell him about it. Once we called him and I described what she was doing to me while she did it. One time I was talking to her I mentioned how our dicks had rubbed against each other to judge her reaction. She asked me how it felt, I admitted it was odd but interesting. She then asked me how I had liked eating her pussy after he had cum in it. That blew me away I really hadn't thought much about it at the time but I had enjoyed it. We talked about the budding thoughts of MMF for a little while longer and then hung up. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went to one of the local adult book stores and in the video booth would watch the gay and bi channels while jacking off to the cocksucking guys.

Well our next get together happened and this time when he came in her mouth she saved some for me and shared it with a deep kiss. She seemed to get off on it as much as I was. When we were switching around I kept looking at his cock and wondering what it would be like to have it in my mouth. Well she figured a way to help me get a closer look. She asked if I would suck on her clit as Bud fucked her. He moved in and started a slow rythmic fuck and I came in from the side to lick her clit. Well my tongue was definately licking more than just her pussy as he slid back and forth but he didn't say anything. Shell said she wanted to be sucking my dick at the same time so I moved to the bottom as she climbed into a 69 position. As he moved back into her his balls kept hitting me in the face. He kinda said excuse me and I just kinda moaned into his dick and her cunt "mmookkaayy". I was reaching around and fingering her asshole and he said this all was too much, then blew his load. He didn't stop pumping her so he was pulling out cum with every stroke and it was all aimed right at my mouth. She was cumming now and I couldn't help it either as she clamped down her throat around my cock. What a blast. This time I lapped up his cum and shared it with her which seemed to catch her off guard but she sure sucked it all off my tongue. He didn't say anything so I didn't either. Well he went TDY for 3 months and shell and I had a lot of fun together fucking sucking and talking about what we had done. We watched videos of the three of us and commented on how it looked like he had done the same thing with eating her pussy right after I would cum in it.

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3/4/2006 2:40 am

Hi I to have tasted another mans spunk out of a girl,But i prefer it straight out of a guys cock

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