I have to stop thinking with my dick!  

rm_imakemlaff 62M
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8/20/2006 6:30 pm
I have to stop thinking with my dick!

I was told today I have to quit thinking with my dick. I don’t want to! I think my dick comes up with some great ideas. It’s amazing how men can attach sex to anything. “ honey you need to do the lawn today.” (I’d rather do you..” Most men think about sex all day and all night -every day! Last week I went to the mall with my wife and her sister. Have you ever noticed a woman can size up another woman in a matter of seconds? We’re sitting having a cup of coffee in the food court. This well endowed women enters the doors, my wife looks at her up and down and says to us “ Oh my God look at her! Her Blouse is too tight , dress to short, purse to big, shoes don’t match and her jewelry is too gaudy, what a bitch!” Her sister stead fastly agrees. Now I’m a different story. I see a completely different picture. My thought is ‘What a rack, great set of legs, I bet she has a vibrator in that purse, I’d have her leave on those shoes and jewelry while I pound her. What a great ass! I’d fuck her in a heartbeat.’ Then I started thinking how can we as men be so different than women? But are we really that different? If I look at another man and think ‘what a dork’ is a woman sizing him up thinking ‘what a hunk, nice ass, I would fuck his brains out!’ I don’t know. I do know men think with their dicks, but do women ever think with their pussy? Have you ever said to your wife or girl friend “you have to stop thinking with your snatch!” Wouldn’t us as men love that? It’s more like we would be saying ‘you need to think with your pussy more.’

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