Antiques (chapter two)  

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Antiques (chapter two)

“Please, Pet tell me how it is you have managed to give a present I had made for you is on someone else? Now before you answer, think how badly this situation could turn out for you.”
I didn’t answer there is no reason I could give that would excuse such gross abuse of a gift. I lowered my head and waited. He paced slowly walking about examining the room, my Toy’s restraints, and her clothes that lay on the floor. I fell to my knees and sat in a submissive position, head down, and hands behind my back, feet tucked under me with my knees open and breast out.
“I am very sorry Master. I did not think you would return so quickly”
“So it is okay for you disobey when I am not here”
“I have not disobeyed Master. You didn’t say I couldn’t have a toy.”
“You know I would not approve. You were sneaking. I really don’t care for your tone or sass. Since your company has use of my restraints you will have to stand still and take your punishment. Raise your arms. Do not drop them not even a little bit.”
He went to retrieve his rope and riding crop a weapon I know better to use even in my naughtiness. Yet there it was on the bed used by me on someone else.
“Open your legs. I am going to give you thirty stripes. Given your recent activity I think it is nessacessry. You have forgotten, you came to me, you submitted to me freely and this disobedience is simply intolerable. You will count every stroke or I will start over. If you move I will start over. If I start over more then once you have to go get the whip. Pet do you like the whip”
“No Master”
He tied the rope in knots in various places. Placing one knot snuggly in the fold in wet my pussy between my inner and outer labia. To one side of my clitoris a knot, wrapping the rope a few time around my waist, the rope was coarse it proved to be bothersome quickly. Master led the rope down my ass placing another knot under my tight puckering hole. He feed the rope in between my legs placing another knot on the other side of my clitoris, wrapping it around my waist again. He pulled at the rope making the knots dig, one slipping right over my tight puckering anal opening. Quickly and masterfully he binds my torso. Bind my breast tightly each one wrapped tightly until the nipple extended and the bugled and throbbed with ache from confinement.
“You may not cum without permission. You may not talk except to count or I will start over.”
My breast ached and throbbed. My master blind folded me. All that was left was to wait. Wait for the first blow that searing pain. Where was it going to be? I heard the contact before I felt the biting pain against my right nipple. Crying Out “ONE.”
One down, before the sting totally leaves another blow “TWO.”
My eyes stung, tears staining the blindfold the third on my stomach “Three.”
I nearly toppled over from the last blow when I felt the fourth on my lower part of my back, lurching upright, “Four”.
This went on slowly the next stroke on my left nipple crying out, “Five”.
My left inner thigh, “Six”.
My right calf, “Seven”
The underside of my left breast, “Eight”
My right nipple, “Nine”
My arms ached I wanted to clutch my throbbing breast but I dared not pull my arms toward me or move at all. The sting in my left nipple shot me back to reality.
“Ten,” I screamed.
“Eleven.” My left nipple.
“Twelve” my right inner thigh.
“Thirteen.” My right calf
“Fourteen.” My left butt cheek
“Fifteen.” My left butt cheek.
“Sixteen” My left butt cheek
“Seventeen” My right butt cheek
“Eighteen” My right butt cheek
“Nineteen.” My right butt cheek
“Twenty.” My right butt cheek
My Master leaned in whispering to me that I would receive the next ten between my legs on my snatch. He informed to not to move. I listen and replied, “Yes Master.”
My legs nearly buckled as I took the stripes screaming my arms aching. My blind fold stuck to my face, wet. Each stripe burning my shaved mound I danced about slightly on my tip toes but not much. My Master must not have mind since he did not start over. My Master deep throaty voice spoke to me from what seem like across the room.
“Come lay down Pet.”
Hearing this made me wonder had this tart little cunt punished me? I was engulfed in anger that quickly subsided as move and felt sore tenderness of my body. I touched the blind fold and if I could remove thinking better to be safe then even sorrier. Once I was granted my request I scan the room searching for my Master. I found him sitting on the edge of the bed his hand extend to me I walk fast as possible and collapses in his arms. He helps me into the bed. Undoing my bindings, I cried out as the blood rushes back into my breast. My hands went to them but my Master grabbed them holding them making me suffer without the comfort of my own hands. As the pain subsided he began to rub my breast softly thumbing the nipples
“I will be merciless if you ever disobey me like this again. And if you want something you should ask never assume. Never use my gifts to you on someone else. Those things have special meaning for a special person and were given with much thought, deliberation, and love. You know I am not an unfair Master, I am very caring is that not true Pet”
“Yes Master you are very fair.”
“I know you could use some special attention now, you may use your Toy but you still have to ask for permission to cum.”
Red comes to me place gentle kisses over my body. My neck, my breast her hand soft caress I enjoyed the light touches. She attentively moved over my body settling between my legs. She kissed my wet mound deeply. Licking me lightly but continuously while my Master rubbed my breast and stomach, taking his time kneading the flesh and pulling my sore nipples, stretching them.
“Master please I need to cum;
She continued rapidly. Her fingers penetrating me working deep inside pressing against my sweet spot
“Master please” I begged
I felt my body starting to shake.
“STOP PLEASE” My hands shot to her face and started to push gently.
“NO CONTINUE” my Master said. I moved my hands
“Please Master–
I did squirting my girl juice in her face holding tight to my Master as I shiver, twisted, shook and gushed for more then I could stand. I went to sleep still hold tight to my Master. Red lying between my legs.

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2 words ifu - WOW! and Thanks! very very arousing, stimulating, tastefully erotic.

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wish you will continue this in the future

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