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4/6/2005 8:37 am

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Some thoughts

All the days that came and went ‒
I did not know that they were life.

Nevertheless, so it is and I do not have any time left fore bullshit, I am closer too the end than the beginning. Not because I am sick in any way, but my age tells me so. My health is ok; I have no depth, I am not rich but manage very well with what I have.

As most man, regardless of age I have the idea inn my mind that I am more attractive to girls than reality shows, also I believe that younger women is attracted too me fore the same reason. But the truth I know, is very well an other matter.

I want contact with people in all ages of both sexes fore exchanging of words and thoughts of all kinds as long you are young of mind and hart. Sins that means writing, it also means thinking a little, words and thoughts are the same, but do not let that scare you, all I want is that you tell about your, and not more than you want.
I love to talk about my, a subject I know very well. And I love to here me talk of me, so if you push the right button I can talk fore hours. All I want inn return is that you have the courtesy too tell me when you get bored and want to end the contact.

I am on pension and enjoying life, lots of lazy days just watching the grass grow and listing to the birds. I live peacefully in Norway, 25-30Km south of Oslo in a cabin half an hour off walking from the fjord, I have a few good friends, two grown up sons at the age off 35 ‒ 36 and a daughter in law from Slovakia. My brother is living in Copenhagen ‒ Denmark where I was born some 61 year ago.

How the world sees me is for the world to tell. My friends (and there children too I hope) like me, as I like them. My sons have no choice but to love there father. My neighbours, who is here only in the summer, is likeable people with whom I have never hat an unfriendly discussion in 14 years, witch is also the time I have been living here. I do not use drugs of any kind, but like a beer, a glass of wine or other alcoholic fluid. I drink what I like, not to get drunk, but because of the taste. Now and then of course, I do get drunk.

I like to read, and watch movies. These days I do not read as much as before, but see film instead. My interest inn film spend from “BAMBI” to “Blade Runner” when it comes too literature I have read form “Robin Hood” and done some attempts on heavy stuff such as “Immanuel Kant”. Now and again, I read a newspaper but not often. This days they are only repeating old stuff, like war, murder and the politician’s eternal fight for power. And of course, in addition, the most important of all news in the world sport, and stories abut witch celebrity sleeps with whom, - and why not

I consider my self a fairly enlighten person with whitely spread interests, an average insight in the real world. I prefer some naive curiosity in a person, to some one who thinks he or she knows the answer to every thing.

One day it is too late
one day we are no more
one day we waited
one day to much

Some thoughts about sex and love, in general.

There are sex and there are sex, and then again, there is sex and there is sex.

There are homosexuals, lesbians and all kinds of ways to play and enjoy dicks and pussy. How, what and where you enjoy what you enjoy is a matter of no consequence to anybody.
Other vice do what you like. If sex is a wanted, willingly, voluntary act between people everything is allowed

I have been watching a lot of steaming, hot and good sex in here. I have looked on beautiful women, grate men, pussy cocks and ass. Some turns me on and others do not, that is life.

But this is not real, it is masturbating to a picture, witch is one way of having sex, I do it all the time, but it is not the real thing it is not human contact it is only a substitute.

Isn't it strange how we consider sex and love one and the same? It is not. We can have sex without love; it is a common and whitely spread activity. That is ok. However love without sex exist to, that is a proven fact. Nevertheless, you cannot have sex without any responsibility. ‒By that, I mean that sex require a minimum of respect.

With al this words I mean to say that I think our focus on sex is out of proportion. In the great and everlasting hunt fore fun and happiness, I think we are forgetting that a good relationship is much more than sex. Even though sex is important it is actually possible to have beautiful friendship without sex.

I believe it is as simple as this.
I want to relive the feeling of warmth and deep peas in my soul I remember from the first time a girl took my hand in friendship, without any ideas of sex in her head. - She was nine, I was teen, she just wanted too hold me with no other desire than too feel the warmth off my hand in hers - the purest undemanding and most innocent form of love. It is what most of us want I believe. It is what I want, and of course if the chemistry is right sex is a welcome happening!

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