time and life seem too short  

rm_iamredd4fun 62M
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8/25/2006 10:27 am
time and life seem too short

I am a 51 yro swm, I have never been married, I was engaged once.
I find as I grow older that I have a need to connect with a woman on a more intimate level than I had ever before. My main problem is trust. I have little or no trust in anyone but myself. In todays society it seem little value is placed on loyalty and honesty.
Maybe I am too sensitive, but if some os going to lie about what time they got home. what will they do when its something important. I live by my word, and in todays climate I think that is rare. people today just say what you want them to hear, and never follow through with their word. maybe its they dont know how to say no.
On the samr token I have dated many ladies who, "just want to be freinds" yet want to continue dating. (am i a free meal ticket?)

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