Still Looking  

MoundCrapsLobby 52M
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4/4/2006 8:07 pm
Still Looking

Have had two more trysts with the lady. She is very nice. A bit kinky, which is a nice change. I like her a lot, I like being her friend with benefits. She may want more. Maybe I need more. So, I'm still looking.

Until this hookup, I had been with one woman for a LONG time, years and years. Now that I've stepped out, I'm not ready to stop stepping.

Honestly, IF I had LOTS of women beating down my e-door here, I am not sure what I would be doing. It isn't happening anyway. (Is it happening for any of you guys out there?) I suppose that IF it were I would be tempted to do a LOT of fucking. The reality is I probably couldn't. Suspicions would be quickly aroused, and I'm not ready for that. Discretion is a necessity for me now. More to the point, I'm not sure how much fucking around I would really want to do. The novelty of it would be tempting, but...

Ah, who knows? I am a guy after all. Of course I WANT to fuck and fuck and fuck, and my sex drive would gladly comply.

So, ladies, if you are reading this, and you are horny, and would like to give me a try, well send me an email.

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