I Finally Understand That Madonna Song  

MoundCrapsLobby 52M
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3/12/2006 10:02 pm
I Finally Understand That Madonna Song

Yes, I feel like a virgin again. It's a strange feeling, but I have the same anxious anticipation of days gone by. Wondering when, wondering who, wondering how. The good news is I do "know a thing or two about a thing or two" when it comes to sex. (A long, wet, wild, pussy licking to the first lady that can tell me where the quote comes from, without using any internet searches.)

Knowing how to handle myself in the sex department makes the anxiety and anticipation much more interesting. Of course, not so interesting that I don't want to give my AdultFriendFinder virginity away. Believe me I am COMPLETELY ready for that. Whatever woman does get me is going to have a stamping, snorting, Brahma bull of a man on her hands. She better be ready for a long ride.

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