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first story

It was our first visit to the beach without the kids. It was a hot summers Sunday afternoon.Tracy was laid on a towel topping up her tan.She was a slim, and really knew how to take good care of herself. She was wearing a very small bikini that hardly covered her 38c breasts.If there was one thing I liked about Tracy (or was that two things) was her tits. They were perfectly formed and even as she was past her 40th birthday she still got lots of looks from all the men on the beach.”What about your white bits” I laughed. “You know I dont like going topless”replied Tracy”what if someone knows me”
“Your such a prude” I joked. “Ill show you whose a prude” she said undoing the clasp to her bikini top. We both laughed and we went back to sunbathing.
All of a sudden Tracy sat upright” So you think im a prude do you”
“I was only kidding you.” I said “you couldnt go topless before because of the kids”
“OK ill show you whose a prude” and she stood up and started to take her bikini bottoms off.
“Whoaa, youll get arested.Put them back on quick before anyone sees you” I cried.”besides thats not really daring, everyone is streaking these day “
“OK what do you want me to do to prove that im no prude” she challenged.”nothing I was only joking” I said. Tracy got dressed and went backto sunbathing. Later that afternoon as we were going to the back the car Tracy said”I want to have a threesome” My jaw dropped”I beg your pardon” I said. “I want to have a threesome” she repeated” Ive passed 40 and I want to be more daring” “is this because I said your a prude “I said. “Yes and no”she said “what do you think” go for it if thats what you want to do” I lied. We drove home not saying much of it again.
The next day I got home late from work and the kids were already in bed. I sat at the table and Tracy brought my dinner and sat opposite me. She had a magazine in her hand.
“Whats that “ I said. “Do you know when I said I wanted a threesome”she whispered” well I bought this magazine”. She opened the magazine and it was full of pictures of men and women with contact numbers.” I think I found the perfect couple” she continued” and there was an ad circled in ink. “ Ive sent them a letter we should hear something soon”.”ok go for it” I said trying to call her bluff. Two days later a letter arrived for Tracy. It was from the couple who was in the ad. There was a picture of the both. Their names was Laura and vinnie.. Laura was a pretty ,slim with short cut black hair and was about the same size as Tracy and vinnie was about 6ft and looked liked he worked out a lot. The letter made them sound like they were very friendly. Tracy said” I rang them today and they can come on Saturday” “you've contacted them already “ I stammered. “Yes and your mother said she would look after the kids. She thinks were going out on the town.” .
Saturday came and Tracy was cleaning the house from top to bottom. She had a lustful glint in her eye. I took the children to my parents. The kids couldn't move fast enough, they loved going to their grandparents. I arrived back home and the house was quite except for some movement upstairs. “ I'm home “ I called. No answer. I crept upstairs and saw Tracy standing there naked except for a red suspender belt and stockings. I noticed straight away that she had shaved all her pubic hair off. She had never done that before and the sight of her bald pussy gave me an instant erection. She glanced over to me and said” you like ?” “Do I ever” I replied. “Well this is for vinnie not you” she giggled. She put on a matching red thong and a short skirt. She put a revealing top on and with not wearing a bra her nipples nearly poked through the thin material,I got changed into a casual shirt and trousers and as Tracy put some make up on the door bell rang. “That will be them” Tracy said excitedly. I went downstairs and opened the door. There stood Laura and vinnie. “Come in ,nice to meet you” I said. As they stepped through the door Tracy came down the stairs and vinnies eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Your wife's gorgeous” they said together. “Thank you “ I said nervously. “Shall we go to the pub to get better aquatinted” vinnie said “ I know its your first time at this sort of thing”
It was only a short walk and when we got there we were all quite relaxed as the ladies chatted about kids and shopping and vinnie and I talked about cars and football. I was supprised how well we all got on together considering what was going to happen later that evening. Soon the conversation turned to all things sexual and we decided to go back home. It was now raining so we got into a taxi. I sat in the front with the driver and Tracy sat in the back with Laura and vinnie. All I could hear from the back was the girls giggling. We got home and I offered everyone a drink and sat down in a big chair. Tracy sat in between Laura and vinnie. “What was you two giggling about in the taxi” I said. They both opened their legs. Both had no knickers on and their pussy's were glistening with their juices. “vinnie was fingering us both at the same time all the way home” Tracy said. “You both loved it though didn't you” said vinnie. Tracy got up and stood in front of vinnie, did a slinky dance and started to strip.
“Lets get this show on the road, I cant wait any longer” she purred. Slowly she pulled her top over her head and her nipples were really erected. vinnie took one of her nipples in his mouth and started to suck deeply, flicking his tongue all around. His hand moved slowly up the inside of her leg and brushed against her clit. In a flash her skirt was around her ankles and she stepped out of it. vinnie stood up as Tracy started to unbutton his shirt and kissed his chest right down to his navel. She undid his trousers and pulled them down. Her eyes widen as she saw the bulge in his boxers. She kissed his cock through the material and it started to twitch.
She took down his boxers and his dick was now fully erect. Without another word Tracy put her tongue at the base of his shaft and licked all the way up to the head. It must have been at least 9inches long and I felt quite embarrassed of my 7 inches. Tracy was now sucking and licking like a woman possessed. vinnie gave a groan ,turned to me and gave a wink.
Laura said “ don't worry, you haven't been left out”. She stood there completely naked and started to undo my zip. She pulled out my stiff cock and started to suck gently. She started to kiss the underside of my dick all the way to my balls. “Get undress quick, I want you to eat my cunt”she ordered. While I was taking my clothes off Laura whispered to Tracy “you and vinnie have to do what we do, OK”. Tracy gave a nod, the best she could do,considering she had vinnies dick nearly all the way down her throat. “You boys lay on the floor and me and Tracy are going to sit on your faces” Laura commanded. We both laid down with our heads facing different sides of the room. The girls kneeled over our heads and lowered slowly down. I started to lick and suck at her pussy lips and gently rubbing her clit with my finger. Almost immediately her juices were flowing, and she fell forward to suck at my cock again. Out the corner of my eye I could see Tracy and vinnie doing the same. “God your wife is fucking good” vinnie cried. “He is too vinnie” moaned Laura. “I'm going to cum any minute now” said vinnie. “Well save it for me “said Laura “I want it all in my mouth”
“You swallow” Tracy said “I could never do that” . “I'm gonna cum now Laura” moaned vinnie.
Without leaving my face Laura leaned over and clamped her lips over vinnies cock as hot jets of cum filled her mouth. Her cheeks filled and then she swallowed the lot in one go. She let slip his dick and licked it all clean, she didn't spill a drop. “Don't knock it till you've tried it” Laura mocked. While I was still sucking at her pussy I felt a urge rising in my balls “I'm going to cum”. “Go on Tracy try it” said Laura. Tracy moved over to my cock and started sucking , moving her head up and down. “Here I cum” I said. Hot cum gushed into Tracy's mouth and as it filled her mouth she gagged and pulled her head away. I continued to spurt all over her face and tits. “Hummm. Not bad for a first time eh” said Tracy. “Ill get you a towel” I replied. “No need , sit down and watch” vinnie said. “Ill do it for you” said Laura as she slid next to Tracy and started to lickup all my cum off Tracy's face and tits. She kissed Tracy fully on the mouth and whispered “bet you've never made love to a woman before either ,have you”teased Laura with a devilish smile. “N-no” Tracy said nervously.
“Lay back and enjoy the ride. But first lets get you really horny.” Said Laura. Tracy laid back and sat up on one arm. “What do you want me to do now” Tracy said quietly. “Just do what I do” replied Laura as she started to stroke her pussy. Tracy did the same and small moans came from her throat. “Now put a finger inside your pussy and move it around slowly” said Laura. They both did the same and their juices started to flow. By now both women were sliding their fingers in and out and the rhythm started to speed up. Laura put all four fingers in and her hand was a blur. Going in and out so fast you could hear a sucking sound almost constantly. Tracy was doing the same and the moaning got louder and louder. “I think your almost ready Tracy. Pass me my bag vinnie please” said Laura. vinnie passed her the bag and Laura pulled out a huge dildo. It must have been at least 12 inches long and 2 inches thick.
“Ive bought you a present” said Laura as she showed it to Tracy. Laura moved the dildo along Tracy's chest sucking the nipples as she went. She worked her way down between her legs. Tracy's legs were together but slowly they parted to allow Laura's head to go in between and let her start licking her clitoris while rubbing her pussy lips with the huge toy. “Hummmmm”moaned Tracy “this is good”. Laura took one of Tracy's pussy lips and started to nibble on it. Now Laura was probing her love tunnel with her tongue. Now Tracy was really wet and Laura put the dildo at the opening of her pussy. Slowly she pushed it into Tracy's pussy. “Oh yes that feels good” moaned Tracy. Laura turned the vibrations on and pumped it in and out of Tracy's love hole. All Tracy could say was “oh yes” over and over again. “Do you want to lick my pussy now” Laura said. “Oh yes please” Tracy begged. Without missing a beat Laura spun round and placed her wet pussy over Tracy face. Slowly Tracy gingerly put her tongue on Laura's clit. She licked all around Laura's pussy before burying her full mouth into Laura's cunt. “Humm ,sure you haven't done this before” smiled Laura. Tracy replied “you taste good” and started to lick faster. They were in a 69 position licking and sucking each other while the dildo vibrations made Tracy tremble. A deep moan started in Tracy's throat “oh god ,I'm cumming”. Laura pulled the dildo out and started licking all of Tracy's love juices. Eventually Laura looked up and said “I want you in my pussy and vinnie I want you up my arse”.
Shocked I laid on the floor and Laura sat on my hard cock( after the show ive just seen it was as hard as a rock). vinnie kneeled behind her and inserted his cock into Laura. We both slid in and out of Laura and she started to moan. “God yes”she moaned. I looked at Tracy ,she sat there rubbing her pussy urging me on. “Go on fuck her hard”she said. As I opened my mouth to say something Laura rubbed her tits on my face and I sucked on her hard nipples.
“When's it my turn” Tracy called. “Your sure you want to do this” I said. “You've never had anal before”. “Id never licked a woman's pussy or swallowed cum before either”she laughed.
This time vinnie laid on the floor and Tracy slowly lowered herself onto his dick. “OK put your cock into her slowly”warned Laura. I put the head of my cock against the rim and pushed gently. vinnie and I started to thrust into Tracy. “God I love this” groaned Tracy. Laura sat opposite watching. She was pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. She was moving her body and hands faster and faster until she screamed “I'm cumming”. Tracy said “I want you on my face now”. Laura placed her soaking pussy on Tracy's face. Here was Tracy who had never done anything risky before, was being fucked by two men while licking out a woman. It was unbelievable. “Oh god yes”cried Laura as her juices flowed and Tracy sucked hard. Just the sight of Tracy lapping and licking was too much for me. vinnie and I was pumping harder and faster now. vinnie in Tracy's pussy and me in her arse. “I'm gonna cum” we both said together. “Sees if you can suck two cocks this time Tracy”said Laura. vinnie and me both stood up and Tracy knelt in front of us and started to give us both a blow job. She wanked one cock while sucking the other then changed round. “Here baby “ vinnie said “here I cum”. Tracy turned her head and opened her mouth as vinnies cum gushed out. Some went in her mouth and started to dribble out the corner of her lips. “Hummm” Tracy moaned. She put vinnies cock near her mouth and licked it clean. I couldn't hold back any longer as I felt a hot surge rise from my balls “yesss” I moaned an as Tracy turned her head to me. She started to stroke my cock up and down and hot jets of cum gushed all over her face and got into hair. She put my cock into her mouth and swallowed until the last drop. When my cock stopped twitching she took it out of her mouth and looked up at me and smiled.
When it was all over, everyone got cleaned up and got dressed. “That was wonderful” said Laura “did you enjoy your first time at ,well , everything.” “Oh god yes. I loved every minute of it” said Tracy. “Well were having a party next month with about ten couples if you know what I mean” said vinnie with a wink “your invited if you want to come”. As we said goodbye Tracy said “we would love to”. Laura and vinnie looked at each other and a big smile was on their faces. As I shut the door I turned to see Tracy with a mischievous grin “how about you and me going upstairs and you can watch me with this” holding the present that Laura and vinnie had left. “Life does begin at 40” I said as I followed her up the stairs.
the end

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Welcome to the blogs! What a great first post! Hey! Come on over and register for the last moments of CAMP APHRODISIAC...........Get Excited!!!!

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Thats a fantastic story babe, Well done.

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