AHHHHHHH ...Wicked today  

rm_hottoddee 51F
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7/17/2005 9:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

AHHHHHHH ...Wicked today

Its driving me nuts...
horny strays in heat rejected and divorced or insecure and needy, who's only goal is the almighty numbers in their sex conquest score to complete and nourish their empty souls.

I am so tired of reading how a man wants two women. Like they will be a better man from it. Its hard enough to please one woman.... why in the world would they want to face the reality that they failed at 2. hehe

Trust me I know, my girls friends know their friends know. Men who want two women and the women who feed into that are emotionally lost souls. If another person writes me I'm going to charge a delete fee. lol Learn to read my profile before u write me with such nonsense.

Why in the world would a man think by telling me what he wants to do to me would excite me. And that I would find that appealing. He gives me the creeps... My Gosh....
I'm not a needy breeder. Lure me with security, trust lust, flowers, trinkets and passion and the sex will follow when the heart is overwhelmed with sincere desire. Until then those words are noise.
This site at times makes me want to be dominant and rid the little primal minds of their voiced cheep thrill desires towards me. I am 90% sweet and 10% wicked.

Today I'm wicked, care to sit in my chair and have your brain in my hands....
Dr. Hannibal hehe

rm_loverguts 30M
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7/31/2005 12:27 am

hit me up..

Eaglespirit51 65M

7/26/2005 12:36 am

I see you are frustrated with the animals society demands men to be. They are socialized that conquest is the goal regardless the cost. Obviously this includes their dignity as humans. But really few men are rewarded for sharing their feelings. Men are told real men don't cry we spend our entire lives toughening (dehumanizing) ourselves for the sacrifice of our lives because men are disposable. I don't know about you but being disposable is frightening. Now don't get me wrong I am not trying to sling mud or place blame it is simply the way we are socialized as animals on the planet. We just haven't been successful in liberating men the way world war two began the liberation of women.

Young Spartans were separated at an early age from their mother under the guise that mothers would weaken their sons. When inducted into the combine each child had to run a gauntlet of older boys with wooden sticks and they were beaten all the way down the isle with no temperance for their youth those that survived were inducted into the combine and trained as soldiers. Do you think the others we made kings - if they lived! Many didn't live. Think of all the men that have been to war - I have seen empty towns deserted in the woods of Massachusetts. Towns that lost their husbands, brother, fathers sons to the in humanity of war stood deserted now because now men returned to plow the fields to man the hardware stores, or repopulated the citizenry of the town. Families left behind had to leave creating a ghost town a graveyard of dreams and hopes never to be realized.
We train men to kill men then blame them for being the insensitive monster we demand them to be. Try thinking about talking to your friend in a fox hole joking about who was the best at a game or task. In seconds a mortar or a bomb detonates near by, you reach over to ask you buddy if he is ok. There is no answer, you go to shake his arm to see if there is a response and his arm rolls to the bottom of the hole. Men have been conditioned to try to survive this emotional and psychological type of trauma. I used to play football when I was younger I was honored not because I played fair or executed plays well, but because I brought victory to the team to my schools. I hurt people, making them fear me, I hated that but you know it made a very ordinary guy popular! I was successful at defeating other young men in high school and college. It became worse in the pros, we were just cattle fed so much grain treated like gladiators of ancient Rome

No whining here! Just the facts Mam! Yes it makes for difficult days for all of us. But men need to be liberated too! What appeals to you - a successful confident guy who can conquer other men depriving them of success to bring you his time and flowers and good times? While the guy who is less successful trying to honestly love you and share his feelings so you (collective you here) can truly communicate with him is denied. The guys who want two women or the women who want two guys want no sharing of emotional feelings the circumstances provides more anonymity than true sharing. Who is providing pleasure? Who is the foil? These folks see the shear numbers as power, conquest achievement ‒ victory not compassion love or communication!

While truth the soft penis is a man truly sharing, really sharing his feelings, his thoughts extend beyond the head of his penis. Yet we condemn this as weakness impotence, undesirable! What a dichotomy, we ask men to share and be soft but we only reward men for being the beast! How do we know when it is safe to come in from the cold? Is it safe? This is nothing new but rather part of the selection process used for thousands of years by man and beast alike. Each member of the human race chose the best looking person of the opposite sex with the strongest potential for success. Survival of the species! Now that we are evolved (I hope) past the need for physical dominance to rule we are left with ancient primitive social behaviors. If we cannot change this method of interaction and modify our values to reflect a respect for compassion and sensitivity we are doomed as a race and a planet. So says the Bible not me. So, each of us must look inward for the answers to that change ‒ it took nearly sixteen years and the near loss of my son as a loving and great person for me to begin to question. Now I continue to seek answers, surrendering my fears of change and diminishing my ego to change. I still have a long way to go but I had to be willing to be wrong first ‒ are you? (Rhetorical of course)
I hope I haven't over blogged

rm_motordad52 46M
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7/22/2005 3:01 am

You got it right hun. Only you can tell what's right for you.

rm_sanshu6 58M

7/20/2005 10:58 am

Well we all have things in common here not all of it lust for some it's convience (and lust) which by the way you do a Marvelous job of inspiring that. pant..pant..but it would have taken forever to meet you otherwize. So...Hi it's nice to meet you,... write back!

Defilade6 51M

7/19/2005 8:19 am

I do think you hit it on the head hottoddee. Tons of desparate ppl on here. I like the fact that your sticking to your guns.

Hang in there.

rm_Mss608 34M
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7/18/2005 7:56 pm

Horny stray in heat... wow lol.

Anyways if your interested let me know

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