Perfect Lover  

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7/25/2006 3:41 pm

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Perfect Lover

We haven't even locked the door yet and he has me up against the wall he is kissing me holding my hands over my head with one hand, his other hand is touching me. He starts with my breasts. His hand works its way under my shirt. I'm wearing a very sheer lacy bra and when he touches my nipple with his thumb a shock runs through my body. He lets go of my hands and starts to undress me.He can't wait to free my breasts and once they are free his hand is replaced by his mouth. He sucks and licks them until the nipples are so hard you could probably break glass with them. Meanwhile my hands are all over him, his head, his chest, his cock, begging him to end my torment and make me cum.

We undress and we move to the bed. He gets on top but he is still not ready to let me explode he has other plans. He starts kissing my mouth and then slowly works his way down my body worshipping every inch of me. My neck, my breast my stomach until he gets to where he should have been all along. He likes to tease me so he gives it a nice long lick on the lips and plays there for a while licking and sucking. Finally he's ready to go where I really want him to go. As soon as he puts his tongue on my clit I start to explode. My hips are moving to meet him and I just can't control myself. The spasms are gong through my whole body and I'm cumming over and over again until I can't cum any more and then I have to stop him because the feeling is just too intense.

Now it's his turn... to be cuntinued.

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