my tantra massage 4 u  

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2/14/2006 11:35 pm

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my tantra massage 4 u

my dear friends, i thought of getting some hot, wild,and romantic by describing how u could really massage your girl freind,and after reading so many posts most of the AdultFriendFinder freinds wanna read some thing hot,romantic,sensual,fanatacizing,so me being a good massuer thought of sharing my learnt tantra technique and skills with you freinds, hope ya all love it like it.this is how i had done my massage to a sweet lady in Goa,
she started to think of me very much.and think of making me hers'So she called me to her house and said.come on honey.i wanna make you mine tonight.i havent loved you for long time now.also asked me to massage her and give her the best pleasure she did welcome me with great smile on your face.she took me to her bed room.and made me sit on her bed.she switched off the lights.and switch on the airconditioner.and got a small candle and light it and place it on the near by table.i could just see her eyes filled with love,desire,passion,fantasy.i undressed her one by one.and i could see her gorgeous beautiful and devine naked body in that dim candle light.when i see her.all my feelings within me started to flow.i started to feel the sweet magnetic current flowing all inside me.i closed my soon as i closed my eyes.she came very close to me and sat next to me.she unbutton my shirt.and touched my chest with her hands.she rubbed her hands over my chest.she undressed me i asked her to lie facing down,she did lie facing down on the bed i could see her beautiful back and butt.i came over her to sit over the bed spreading my legs across on the either side of her body on my kness so that i could massageer. her i took some warm oil with some good romantic fragrance,i did drop it over her back "drop, drop, drop,"she started to feel great pleasure while the oil drops.she moaned i slowly started rubbing her back with my fingers run my fingers in clock wise direction all over your back.while i was massaging her she could feel my cock over her butt just rubbing it with some kind of sweet senual touch,she started to feel great pleasure& moan, took few drops of oil and dropped it over herr sexy butt.and now i started running my fingers all over her butt,in clock wise direction.and press it tenderly..she was feeling great while massaging her butt.i go lower to herr thygs,and ankles and feet and her fingers.
now i ask her to turn arround and lie facing the real sensaual massage starts.i can see her sexy tiits,nipples already erect,pussy is wet and throbbing,can see that sweet desire to feel the greatest pleasure,u are very much hot and horny now.i come over you spreading my legs aside on either side of your body,now i slowly drop oil on your fore head.and start to run my fingers and massage your fore head.u close eyes and enjoy it,now i get my fingers lower on your cheeks,nose,ears.then now on your sexy neck.
i slowly run my fingers tenderly over her neck and now.i drop one drop of oil over your erect nipples.she screams with pleasure and i start to slowly press your nipples with my fore finger and thumb.she screams and shouts.she moans while i press it tenderly.she i run my hands over her tits in anticlock wise direction to give her that extra pleasure.i rub her it.massage it.she screams with enjoyment and pleasure.she says dont stop.dont i slowly get lower to her stomach.i run my hands over her stomach,naval.and get i can see her so hot.she starts throbbing, she is wet, she just requests.dont stop huney.just do it.she wide opens her legs give me way to massage the most sensual part of her body,i take few drops of oil and now run my hands over her thyghs.inner thygs.she starts to feel great now.i slowly touch the lips of her pussy,i run my thumb over the lips of her pussy and massge it.slowly tenderly i wide open the lips of herr pussy and tenderly i put my middle finger inside to run it inside and give her the best sensation,best pleasure,best feeling,she screams and shouts while i insert my finger i reach herr clitoris,i rub herr clitoris with my middle finger and press it tenderly..she shouts and screams.with enjoyment, she moans.mmmmmmm oh babyyyyyyyy.just do it dont stop.i rub herr clitoris more and more.i can see her nipples erect and tighten up.her thygs are thighted i move my finger still one more step further thats herr G-spot this is a point behind the clitoris.not much people know about now i presss her G-spot tenderly.she shouts now.screams now.she cums all over my finger
.now she asks me to lick her errect nipples.i get my mouth and start to lick her nipples.she moans with pleasureee.mnnnnnnnnnnn.ooohhhhhhhhh.she just screams dont stop.then i get lower and start to kiss your neck.and i still get lower and start to kiss her stommach and naval.she screams with enjoy ment.and pleasuree.ahhhhhhhhh.ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. now she asks me to kiss her pussy and lick it.i get my mouth near her pussy.i can see its wet and lubricated.its throbbing.she wide opens her legs and give me way to suck her pussy.i slowly get my tounge inside her vigina and start to lick it..she screams and moans nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh with enjoyment and pleasure..i lick it deeper and deeper.she just enjoys the heavenly pleasure.she maons..and say just dont stop..more..more..i go deeper and deeper harder and harder..i reach her sencitive point..clitoris..she shouts and scream with enjoyment and pleasure while i suck her clitoris.ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..aaahhhhhhh.i licck herr vigina for a while she cums all over my tounge...
this is my massage .even though i have
explained this so wonderfully to you..i guess u realy have expierenced this and felt my massage in words .while reading this..
i have written u about my massage .just
write me back,..what did u feel while redaing this..
with regards

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8/16/2006 3:31 am

You can very well run a training school on this important topic.Many do not know the pleasure of sexual act if tongue,fingers are used all over the body,particularly guarded parts like cock/pussy.

Romantic, sexy-love warm hugs, enjoy sex 24/7 one on one, goup fun, watching porn together with joy

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