Twists and turns of life and Love!!  

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6/19/2006 11:44 pm

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Twists and turns of life and Love!!

Life.. Love… all seem too unfair to me….. I am totally confused on what to do regarding what has been happening to me for the past two months…. I met a gal early last month, went out with her for only three weeks…. I liked her personality, enjoyed her company, silenced by her intelligence and drawn to her inner beauty. I was blinded by the strong feelings that had developed so fast between. I was hooked in her trap and I was a slave to her. Before I knew it, she called it quits. I was in so much pain and anguish... my world had fallen apart, I had reached a dead end. I tried begging for another chance but she had made up her mind.
God favored me and there came an angel, she comforted me at my point of distress. And ohh my………. I was back to my feet again… I know much about her than she does bout me….. She went on holiday and I thought things would be good for the two of us…….. But no, she is not the same gal I knew…. I like her, I feel her, I know her, and she is the scent of my rose, my velvet beauty…. But I can’t reach her now; I don’t know what’s on her mind……
Yes at one point she was confused bout ‘him or her’ and now I guess she knows the answer to it. And all I’d want to know is why me? Why this time? Why ohhhhhh why?????
This poem goes out to her, wherever she is,


The appreciations I render to people make me appreciate myself more. I discovered that if I don’t live to love I will not love to live hence I decided to be passionate to all souls.
She cant be said to be naughty, okay for the physique she actually got God’s go ahead, for her face………I am the beholder! Skin colour, ‘chocolate’. The passion in her smile humbles me and the innocence in her eyes calms me. So I made a declaration to pluck this red rose amidst the thorns that set protection against trampling from enemies.
Factors should always prove inconsequently irrelevant in all my case and social, economical… educational standards do not count, where I render my heart out to adoring somebody, I deny myself the luxury of having my blood pumped to my head which ought to reason.
Therefore when he takes away this red rose, I shall keep the scent it gave to the smell of my heart.

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