Just Friends  

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1/1/2006 6:43 am

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Just Friends

When old friends find you out of the median they remember or picture, what do you do? You catch them up with where you been, what you have done, and where you planning to go. If they are real friends, they add that to their memories of the past and now can make a choice to keep in-touch in the future or not.
I had a classmate to spot the Small Town Texas, USA under the handle of “hotloser2006” and the guessing game who she was and who I was on, since we had not seen each other since high school. After the first clues were passed the names were remember, the past was relived, and the future of a more mature friendship with benefits begin. No strings (been there), no hang ups (had them), just caring people that is concern whether you get up, having a good day, or need some attention. Thanks to everyone who willing to step up to what friends should be and not bring down old friends who know they can’t be who they use to be. As so many have said in their profile, “Life is too short” to have to deal with hiding behind a door about who you are for real or what you want.
Think about yourself, do you have a friend? Do you need friend similar to the one I have? I can’t make any promises I intend to keep (In 2006), so lets be just friends.


skyfly223 53M/48F
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1/1/2006 6:47 pm

Darlin, you said it so well. I found my best friend from high school late last year. She was amazed at my new lifestyle. BUT, after a few days, the questions started..lol.. wanting to know how it works, how to know who to pick..etc... lol.... I missed her and it's great to have my friend back AND be able to talk just like old times, about new things. Happy New Year. Can't wait for you to join us in some playtime. Kisses and Spanks, SKy

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