Sex as part of something more meaningful?  

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4/8/2006 11:01 am

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Sex as part of something more meaningful?

Ok, so this is a "sex" site, right? Hmmm... I wonder. Whilst I've tried "normal" dating (ie. going out for real!) and "normal dating sites" I have not found what I really want (but (a) I haven't ben sure what that is, and (b) normal dating sites have proved fruitless and useless!).

I love sex. I have a very active imagination. And there's lots I like and want to try, with a "like-minded" woman. That's just the problem. I haven't met a "like-minded" woman. My last g/f was lovely in her own way, but when it came to sex she had no interest in trying anything new. That relationship came to an end.

Trouble is, I am not sure that I actually want casual sex. Whilst that too has it's use for those who mutually consent to it, I think that it lacks something. I have also found that sex with a regular partner gets better every time. Question then, does that necessarily constitute a relationship? And if it does, is that a bad thing (given that this site, I believe, is aimed at flings of a more casual nature?

But hang on. Casual sex with a regular partner might be an option? I mean, it doesn't just have to be a one night affair, right? Answers on a postcard please!

So we're back to square one. I'm still unsure what to expect. If I could wave a magic wand, I guess ultimately I'd like to be in a relationship with someone who shares my passion for sensual exploration and sexual experimentation. Yes, that's it! A relationship, which by definition has depth, meaning and an emotional connection between two people who adore each other, which has a strong sexual foundation without which it would not survive.

Certainly. I'd love to meet and develop a relationship like that, with the right woman, the "like-minded soulmate" that I am trying to describe. Surely a bond as strong as that, with shared interests, being together, and enjoying sex together without superficial limitations, and without subscribing to social taboos, would provide both meaning and adventure?

Hmmm... I shall ponder some more. If a woman shares my views, and is interested in discussing these ideas with me, then do not hide!

Failing all of the above, anyone fancy a shag? (Or a pint? Or both? Not necessarily in that order)!

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