women are infuckcredible--they REALLY got it made  

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12/16/2005 12:04 pm

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women are infuckcredible--they REALLY got it made

I've never met an unattractive woman. Every single one that I've met has had something unbelievably appealing. Size, figure, weight, hair style, color, etc. have proven to be immaterial in this little observation.
All of them, at some point in their lives have had at least one attribute that has made them incredible.
They've already got a beautiful shape, soft and supple skin and appealing features. This is a destiny from the time they are born.

I've only met one woman in my life that has come close to being ugly--physically, she was stunning. Her outlook and attitude made her probably the most unappealing person I've ever laid eyes on. She actually became less and less attractive the more we spoke.
I can't say the same for most of us big, hairy brutes.

Can anybody legitimately argue with me on this?

HardDesire313 68M

12/16/2005 8:58 pm

I'd have to say that there is no such thing as an ugly woman but there are certainly unattractive ones. When you say "attractive", the very connotation of the word implies physical beauty. It is what attracts the members of the opposite sex and not their inner beauty which is something that takes more scrutiny. There are many men who find BBW's attractive but, not all have good personalities or very many socially redeeming values. The same could be said of anorexic women or female athletes. I think "attractive" has more to do with first impressions. I'm sure the women that you find "ugly" could very well have many admirers who find her outlook and attitude acceptable, even if it is because they place a higher value on physical form and superficial values. A lot of short comings can be overlooked in a quest for the proverbial trophy bride.

HardDesire313 68M

12/19/2005 1:47 am

LOL...I know what you mean. I spend endless hours looking at ads put up by professional escorts. Most make a big effort to stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to physical appearance. They have to maintian that edge on the competition if they are going to be paid for something that a lot of women will do for free. I hear that most are really man haters who turn to hustling as a way to get a guy's money while having minimal contact....just fuck to get it over with then split. Anyway, getting back to your original commentary, I still tend to look at the entire package. I can't say that there is any single physical attribute that turns me on but, yes, attitude and willingness to please are more important than physical appearance to a great extent. I know that I'm probably too picky but, I've been shit on by women of all persuations at one time or another so I don't focus on any single characteristic to judge them.

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