Shall we......  

rm_hotdave37 50M
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7/21/2006 9:15 am
Shall we......

this site has worked for me all over the always end up meeting someone exciting although it may admittedly take a while.
However when it comes to Malta....forget ladies ever reply......and its not that locals are shy of sex....any weekend outing proves totally otherwise......yet when it comes to sites....must be some kind of taboo...anyways
ladies if u are out there and are interested in no strings sex....lets make contact see where it goes from there.....must stress no strings...only interested in meeting for sex...

rm_Mushroom572 67M/63F
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10/2/2006 1:34 am

Hi hotdave37.

Glad "this site has worked" for you. Perhaps in the wider field away from Malta your "no strings....only interested in meeting for sex..." statement may have value.

One of the problems in Malta is the size. A guy wondering around looking for no strings sex is going to have a very rough time of it here - not because the ladies are less interested, less sexually aware or anything like that but because this is such a small community where you can sneeze at one end of the island and someone offers you a tissue to blow your nose from the other end of the island. Reputation amongst such a small community is easily wrecked and wrecked for not only the individual but for the family and friends as well.

We ourselves are a swinging couple and as such are also looking for (and find) "no strings sexual fun". We also find and make some fantastic friends. The advantage of being a couple is that in meeting couples we are meeting people who have an equal interest in discretion. Additionally, a guy that has a female partner has the advantage that he has a female who can vouch for him, introduce him as someone that it is safe to be with.

We fully understand how difficult it is for the single guy - but really, to expect women to blindly come flocking to your door when you offer nothing lasting or unique is a bit optimistic.

rm_cookie4496 60M
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10/5/2006 4:47 pm

hi dave iam 47m looking for sex do you like to meet meiam good for sex bob

censu444 50M  
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10/19/2006 4:43 am


I have to agree with Mushroom here mate!
There are hot sexy interesting intellegent girls/women/ladies out there....meaning here, next malta! Yes, Malta.
.....but it's hard, very hard for a single male on this site.....maybe it's beacuse
this site skips the "foreplay" or the the "courting" and seems to go straight for the meat!
I honestly do not think the size of the island has a major effect on this. It does add though to females being over protective and descrete though.
Infact I also know of a couple that swing only with visiting tourists and no maltese at all! Just for being over protective!!
Observation: Most females on this site just like pussy only and although they might give an indication that they are "bi-curious" they seem to me more into pussy licking than me!! - So they don't even answer a simple e-mail let alone meet!!
Others are married, and you could tell this when the data is nearly totally empty.
Others, start chatting get you all hooked up and never send you a photo....wonder why?? ...cuase they would be hiding something vital! wonder what!!
Others, and this to me is very positive....are in the young league! very open, very sexually active, much less inhibitions, most of them very sexually open minded and would go for any activity to gain experience! Wow, how i wish to be in that league...but unfortunity, i am eliminated atomatically cause i'm over 40!
Than there are couples....well couples behave differently.
There are couples that mostly search onlt females...reasons why...could vary! I would personally say cause of male dominance! (which i do not agree with) and secondly cause most of the time a female prefers and other female's gentle touch to an unknown male!
So there you are mate! All currents against us ...but if you are wise you could build a raft and go down stream with the lot, where the fun is!!

rm_malteser96 59M
4 posts
11/3/2006 1:35 am

I am in total agreement with censu..
Now there's a man of women mind reader... you know it when you see one..
Enticing with meat is a good try but you could at least change the picture now and show them a more aggressive cock..
Maltese ladies are not shy.. by no means... but they flick through the pages of interesting sites and brouse around quick... reason- too many cocks to see in such a short space of time between the changing of the guard.. (husbands and that sort of stuff).
You never know.. get one excited and the choice becomes yours.
This is a women's World .. so get on Censu's raft and relax.. there no need to paddle while downstream.... believe me... there ARE a lot of really hot women in malta... and the size of the island makes it all the more easy for them.. No great distances to travel...( back to their hubbies)
Also this Adultfinder site is the the only place I see more maltese girls than on other European sites...
So you see... they fish for cock locally.. and they might send you a wink. They want a chance to taste some real active sex when their body aches so much for a good night-long session to take away their starvation pains. They can get you here maltesejohn and he's definitley at the the top of some green hill shouting come get me girls.. cum get it..

rm_malteser96 59M
4 posts
11/3/2006 1:46 am

Hei Mushroom...
you know I admire your comments on here every time you come out with another..
just one thing bothers me a bit..
why is it you just have one picture with you finger-licking a sex godess?
surely you have more than one..
So give them readers more interest in your sales-pitch. you might hook a barracuda.. to join your group and fill many sexy desires.

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